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Coronation Street Spoilers – Lauren makes a shock confession

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Is a new romance in the works for Coronation Street next week, as Lauren confesses to her friends the extreme lengths she’s gone to?

Next week, Bobby (Jack Carroll) and Lauren (Cait Fitton) take their growing friendship a step further when the sly chap persuades her to go on a date.

Bobby has made a quick impression on some of the local ladies, beginning with Aunty Carla (Ali King), whom he surprised by showing up on her doorstep shortly after Christmas.

While studying with Daniel (Rob Mallard) in the hopes of being able to take her English GCSE, Lauren has been having financial difficulties paying the rent on her precinct apartment. Lauren is struggling financially even though Roy (David Neilson) has given her a job at the cafe. This is especially true now that she has broken up with her mysterious, invisible boyfriend, who appeared to be very wealthy.

Daniel tells Lauren that he thinks she’s ready to take her GCSE because he’s impressed with her most recent work, which makes Lauren happy. But when she learns that registering for the exam will cost her £148, her pride quickly gives way to despair.

When Lauren tells Bobby that all the books she needs to review for the test are already checked out from the neighborhood library, she deals Bobby yet another blow. Bobby asks Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) if she can locate any of the set books that are sold through the charity shop as he thoughtfully brings her the list.

Bobby gives Lauren a modest bouquet of flowers as a Valentine’s Day surprise at the cafe, but a delivery man soon shows up with a lavish arrangement.

Bobby feels ashamed to know he has some competition. Lauren thanks him for the flowers, but as soon as her phone rings, Bobby realizes with regret that she’s already taken.

Lauren, though, tells the caller to get off her lawn right away. Although it’s obvious that her ex wants her back, Lauren is conflicted, as Cait Fitton explains.

“There’s this secretive so-called boyfriend who seems to be a lot older than Lauren and has greater financial stability—two things Lauren desperately needs in her life—but that’s all we know about him. Her thoughts seem to be saying, “You’re in the right place, he clearly cares about you, because you’re getting money towards your apartment.”

However, Lauren’s life is also filled with excitement because of Bobby. He has a friendly banter with Lauren and he understands her. Bobby is aware of Lauren’s past, but he sees past it.

Cait says, “Lauren has her guard up, and I think it will stay up for a very long time.” It will take time, but I’m hoping Bobby is one of the people who can help Lauren let down her guard. I’m hoping that eventually she’ll be able to make herself at home on the streets and find some stability in a friendship or even a relationship with Bobby.”

But does Cait think Lauren is sorry for Bobby, thinking he’s being passed over for a more lucrative option?

She does feel bad for him because he has stayed, observed her attitude, and doesn’t seem to care; if anything, he makes an effort more. Lauren has never met someone like him before, but he persists. Since Lauren doesn’t want to be in this circumstance, I believe that the arrangement with the flowers is kind of a kick in the teeth for her as well as Bobby.

When the most recent bill—a last demand from the energy company—arrives later in the week, Lauren is at her wits’ end. Lauren calls her “boyfriend” again to reiterate that she doesn’t want anything to do with him and doesn’t need his money, but despite her desperation, it doesn’t seem like she’s being tempted to go back to him.

When Lauren eventually agrees to go on a date with Bobby, Bobby is overjoyed, but as desperation sets in, she reverts to her previous ways in an attempt to make some quick money.

Lauren is forced to admit that she has returned to making adult videos for O-Vidz when Max (Paddy Bever) and Sabrina (Luana Santos) surprise her by showing up at the apartment dressed sexily.

Cait reminds us that Lauren was underage when her account was first banned; she turned 18 in December. “She had that conversation with Ryan, who attempted to reassure her that you will always feel unworthy in spite of everything that occurs online. Although Lauren has been able to persuade herself that she only needs the money, I believe that she is currently feeling worthless. She has never experienced true love from anyone, and because of this, she forms friendships only to destroy them later in life.

But now that her friends are aware of Lauren’s progress, how will they respond?

Cait clarifies, “She knows it’s wrong, even though she’s trying to convince herself that it’s under control.” “Max takes it the hardest because he has witnessed both Lauren’s best and worst moments. They are vulnerable to one another, and their trauma bond will never go away.

Max finds it difficult because, despite their closeness, he can no longer cross a certain line because he is now with Sabrina. Though I believe Lauren almost makes the decision to ignore it in order to persuade herself that it’s okay, she is aware of Max’s suffering.

Since her debut in November 2022 as a part of Max’s grooming plot, Lauren has undoubtedly been through a lot, but how has Cait found playing her?

Since I had only been here for a few months, I didn’t really know her past, so at first it was difficult. However, now that I’ve returned, I have had a great opportunity to learn more about who she is and why she is the way she is.

“I enjoy portraying her because I think she’s a really deep character with a lot more depth than we currently know. I’m hoping we’ll get to see more facets of her through her interactions with other characters like Bobby and Daniel.

“There’s a reason she is the way she is, and I hope that I’ve done a good job and been able to show people that Lauren is more than just what you see. There’s more to it than that, whatever happens, whenever my time is up here.”

While Bobby’s response to discovering Lauren’s money-spinner is still to be seen, he also needs to confront the truth about Carla’s half-brother Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis), of whom he has only recently come to know.

Bobby visited his father in jail after he killed Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) in 2014, so he is aware of the situation, but he is obviously ignorant of the details.

When Bobby finds out that he is Rob’s son, Rita (Barbara Knox) and Mary (Patti Clare) are astounded. Bobby is prompted by their response to ask Carla for more information about Tina, the girl he has been told his father killed in self-defense.

Bobby is taken aback upon learning from Carla that Rob killed Tina in cold blood rather than acting in self-defense.

Bobby has recently found out about his father; how will he handle this news?

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