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Coronation Street spoilers: Bethany Platt leaves Daniel heartbroken?

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After a great job offer comes her way, CORONATION STREET resident Bethany Platt is soon to leave the cobbles for pastures new. However, she has her boyfriend Daniel Osbourne's added responsibility, will she decide to leave him behind after he makes a shock proposal? The fans of Coronation Street saw Bethany Platt (played by Lucy Fallon) act as massive support for Daniel Osbourne after his wife died the previous year. Now that Daniel decides to take things to the next level, their relationship has turned into romance, but will he be left heartbroken again if Bethany chooses to refuse his proposal?
Fans were left in shock when Sinead died after her devastating cancer diagnosis in emotional scenes late last year. 

Daniel and their baby son Bertie were left behind as the former struggled to tackle the reality of becoming a single parent. As Daniel's family continued to rally around him, someone else has become, in the form of Bethany, a crucial fixture in Daniel's life.

After exploring, her husband had kissed Bethany, late mum Sinead was left extremely upset as she continued to act as a shoulder to cry on.
Sinead's death has brought them closer to each other, but it has become evident that Daniel is nowhere near the heartbreak of losing his wife.

As the romance between Bethany and Daniel continued to blossom as the pair is now a full-fledged couple.

Although this was not met with happiness from everyone as the family of Sinead continued to direct their anger towards Bethany after they exposed their kiss with Daniel. 

However, as Bethany was thrown a curveball as she receives news about her course in London, things look to change once more.
After being given a new opportunity, her mother Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) urges her to accept her, but that would mean that she and Daniel would have to leave her family.

Bethany is reluctant to tell her plans to Daniel, fearing that she might lose him for good, so what's she going to decide to do?

Speaking ahead of her departure, Lucy, who plays Bethany, revealed what's to come with the final episodes of her character as Daniel decides to make a drunken proposal to her-does she accept it?

Lucy explained the reaction of her character to the shock proposal: "Bethany is puzzled because Daniel is drunk; his words are slurring, and he can't stand up properly.
"He's going to get down on one knee like it's going to be some Romeo and Juliet moment with Bethany up on the balcony, but she's just hanging out of the window! 

"When Daniel calls Bethany by the name of Sinead, she's devastated. She realizes that the ring he's proposing to her is Sinead's ring, "Lucy said.

It seems as if Bethany is more than likely to decide not to be affected by Daniel, as it becomes evident that she is being used to fill the void left by Sinead. 

"Bethany loves Daniel and wants to be with him, but she's starting to realize what her family and Craig are saying that he may not be over Sinead.
"There are times when the actions of Daniel begin to make Bethany think that all is not what she initially thought.

"At the wedding, Bethany feels that his speech is all about Sinead. She's starting to feel like he's using her to fill the void. "Lucy added.

It is not clear if Bethany will plan to get hit by Daniel, but it seems possible that she will decide to put an end to things because there was no talk of Daniel leaving with her.

Does Bethany ask Daniel to leave the cobbles with her, or will she actually start her new life alone and left the widower alone again?

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