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Coronation Street: Peter Barlow ‘drops hint’ he’ll turn up in Emmerdale after cobbles exit

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Will Peter be relocating to the Dales?

Last night, on Wednesday, December 20, in Coronation Street, Peter made the decision to have a meeting with his liver donor’s mother.

Carla made the decision right away to take a leave of absence from work in order to attend the meeting with Peter.

Viewers have speculated that Peter may join rival soap opera Emmerdale after spotting a hint in the scenes from last night.

Peter met the mother of his liver donor on Coronation Street.

Carla was getting ready for a major meeting at Underworld when Peter surprised her with some information.

In an attempt to maintain his sobriety, he was having meetings with the mother of his liver donor.

Carla made the decision to go back to be with Peter and leave Sarah to handle the factory.

Following the meeting, Peter thought about the future and struck up a conversation with Carla about his desire to take things more slowly and go for walks in the Dales.

He wanted to see more of the world, so he thought about going on a cruise with his friend before doing this.

Supporters of Coronation Street speculate that Peter will join Emmerdale.

Fans of the soap opera are now making jokes about Peter possibly moving to Emmerdale village after hearing him talk about the Dales and realizing that he will soon be leaving Carla and the cobblestones behind.

“Peter and Carla wanted a walk in the Dales?” a fan asked. They’re heading to Emmerdale, wow.

peter and carla wanted a walk in the dales? omg they’re off to emmerdale #Corrie

— megan (@trevorsbrady) December 20, 2023

Can thay do a crossover where Carla and Peter go to the dales and stay at bobs b&b #Corrie #emmerdale

— zac (@ItsMeZac13) December 20, 2023

Oh no, does that mean Peter is going to end up in #Emmedale now then lol!*! #Corrie

— Jan Wilkins (@janwilkins59) December 20, 2023

“Can they do a crossover where Carla and Peter go to the Dales and stay at Bob’s B&B?” inquired a different fan.

“Oh no, does that mean Peter is going to end up in Emmerdale now then?” joked a third viewer. Haha!

Could Peter enter the Dales?

It won’t be long before Peter realizes he and Carla have different goals and leaves the cobbles behind, especially since a Boxing Day two-hander for them is on the way.

But could he really walk in the Dales as he dreamed of doing? Could Peter Barlow be making an appearance on Emmerdale? Never give up!

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