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Coronation Street fans point out ‘flaw’ in Paul Foreman illness story

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During the Friday episode of Coronation Street, viewers questioned a particular plot on social media.
Fans of Coronation Street are probably already aware that soap favorite Paul Foreman (played by Peter Ash) will be the subject of a heartbreaking plot in which he is given the diagnosis of MND (put illness in here please). Although the ITV soap opera character had to schedule more medical appointments in the most recent episode, his main worry was not being able to make money and provide for his family. He is still unaware of his condition. Some viewers weren’t persuaded and argued that in reality, he would be entitled to assistance.

After being hurt when Carla Conner (Alison King) struck him with her van, Paul has been desperate to get back to work and make money, but it turns out he is up to something more sinister.

Paul had anticipated receiving payment from Carla to help with his expenses.

The anxious family man made great efforts to do so, but a doctor soon informed him that his injury had nothing to do with the collision.

Paul was immediately overcome with worry about how he would manage his finances given that he was still unable to work.

To get legal counsel, he hurried to Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown).

He explained to her, “It’s about the hospital appointment. “They have no idea what it is.”

They want to conduct more tests, he added. That’s okay, Dee-Dee reassured him.

They were able to confirm one thing for him: his hand’s condition had nothing to do with the collision.

But Carla still hit me, didn’t she, he quickly added. Dee-dee, however, emphasized that it wasn’t keeping him from working.

“We’ll still be able to make a claim, right? I’ll receive some sort of payment, right?” He begged Dee-Dee for help.

But it was obvious from the look on his friend’s face that this was out of the question.

The narrative’s focus left many fans perplexed, and some have complained that certain details were overlooked.

“This is stupid, he could get housing benefit and sick money,” @MrWhite1972 continued.

“Why, to begin with, does Paul not receive sickness benefits? #Corrie, “Bouquetcelia wrote a post.

“Paul is still entitled to some compensation from Carla to be fair #Corrie,” @tmoraitauthor continued.

Others were enraged that Paul had the power to schedule immediate GP appointments.

@wendi64 said: “GP referral for a neurologist followed the next day by a text message from the hospital offering an appointment! It’s so unbelievable to me! Wait, did I say that this was on #coronationstreet?”

@keynshamkid shared: “#corrie Wethersfield is where I want to relocate. There is only one doctor, but you can always schedule a same-day appointment, and hospital appointments take place the day after you are referred.”

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