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Concerns are raised by Cheryl Fergison of EastEnders resigning her post just days before the show’s premiere.

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After having a “full-on breakdown” onstage, former EastEnders actor Cheryl Fergison reportedly resigned her job days before the show’s opening night, leaving the production team “worried” for her.

In the days leading up to the October premiere night of the comedy show Mum’s The Word, EastEnders actress Cheryl Fergison was scheduled to start playing her part.

Sarita Plowman and Poppy Tierney were also supposed to perform on stage with the actress, who is best known for playing Heather Trott in the BBC One serial opera, as part of a 28-date nationwide tour.

But according to a source, Cheryl, 58, left because she experienced a “full-on breakdown” in addition to panic attacks and anxiety.

The executive producer was with her earlier that day, and she seemed good, the show insider told The Mirror.

She abruptly had a serious breakdown and left the show.

All things considered, Cheryl was anticipating the tour, especially because she had previously voiced her desperate need for work following a protracted spell of unemployment.

Producers are doing everything they can to help Cheryl, they continued, adding that everyone is “so worried” for her.

We can all agree that Cheryl should be putting herself and her health first, but she has sadly had to withdraw from the tour owing to personal issues, a spokeswoman from Red Productions told Express.co.uk.

“Laurie Brett, Cheryl’s Eastenders co-star, will fill the position and join the Mums The Word cast on their UK tour.”

Tickets for the forthcoming performances are still available.

After making a frantic appeal on behalf of her husband, Yassine El Joumi, who was injured in the Moroccan earthquake, Cheryl allegedly decided to leave the project.

Over 3,000 individuals perished in the 6.8-magnitude earthquake.

Cheryl posted an urgent request on social media to any businesses that might be able to offer “sleeping equipment, tents, or things for people to live in temporary shelters” after her husband and family were forced to leave their houses.

The actress added that she wished she could have flown herself, but was unable to do so owing to business commitments.

She has also been raising money for those afflicted with the aid of her fans.

“Thank you from all the people in Morocco who will benefit from your Human Kindness, love, and support,” she wrote in her most recent Instagram post.

Feel content in your hearts knowing you have helped, in any tiny or large way, to lessen someone’s pain.

The people of Morocco, who are going through a difficult period, say: “It’s the best feeling to be able to help in whatever little way possible on whatever basis we can. Yas and I send the biggest Thank you and gratitude to you all.”

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