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Cindy Jnr in EastEnders: Here’s what’s been said about a possible return for actress Mimi Keene

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Cindy would be a fantastic addition to the play; she was a true nuisance!

When Cindy Beale, Cindy’s mother from EastEnders, returned to Walford last summer, it seemed as though Cindy Jr. was no longer there. She received very little attention, save for a passing reference.

Finally, though, Cindy Beale has bid Walford farewell for the time being and is on her way to see her daughter.

Cindy will be quite shocked to finally meet her mother, whom she had just a fleeting acquaintance with as a newborn! Cindy had believed her mother is deceased, just like everyone else.

She still has no idea that her mother is still alive, in fact. We’re not sure why, though, no one has brought up the Beale revival with Cindy Jr. up until now.

Who is Cindy Jr. then? How far away is she? And when her mother gets back, will she be in Walford?

<strong>When Ian told Cindy she could remain Cindy was ecstatic<strong>

Cindy Williams

Cindy Beale was jailed back in 1998 for attempting to extort her husband Ian. She had met her fiancé Nick Holland in Italy, and they were engaged when she was hurt.

Off-screen, Cindy gave birth to a daughter and later passed away, as the citizens of Walford were informed. Because Nick didn’t want to know his kid, Cindy Williams—named after her mother—was raised by her aunt Gina and grandma Bev.

Poison pen letters

Ian got some poison pen letters signed by someone pretending to be Cindy in 2007. He was positive that Gina, who had never been fond of him, was the source of the offensive letter.

In order to confront his former sister-in-law, he traveled to Devon, where he first met Cindy, who was eight years old at the time.

As it happened, Steven Beale, Cindy’s son, was the one who wrote Ian’s letters, therefore Gina was spared!

<strong>Cindy got into a lot of problems for herself<strong>

Cindy’s return to Walford

The Albert Square home of the Beales was broken into in 2013. Cindy Jr., who is 14 years old, was the one who expressed a desire to visit her half-sister Lucy and half-brother Peter.

Like her mother, Cindy immediately settled in and started stirring up problems wherever she went. Phil Mitchell even had money pilfered by her!

The biggest issue, though, arose after she became pregnant after a one-night fling with TJ Spraggan.At first, Cindy found it difficult to manage her pregnancy, particularly because she had begun to feel something for Liam Butcher.

<strong>Lucy was killed<strong>

Lucy Beale’s murder

Because of her animosity against her sibling, Cindy was considered a suspect in the death of Lucy Beale, her half-sister.Before Cindy was killed, she had admitted to Ian and Jane that she was addicted to cocaine; Cindy later disclosed this information to the authorities after Lucy was discovered dead.

Ian kicked Cindy out because he was so upset about it.She returned to Devon but brought her large pregnancy back to Walford.

Cindy as a mum

Not only was Cindy substantially pregnant when she returned to Walford, but she was also in labor! After Ian assisted with Beth’s birth, the two got back together.

But things weren’t always easy. After deciding he couldn’t handle fatherhood, TJ moved to Milton Keynes to live with his parents, Terry and Bianca Jackson.

Cindy allowed Ian and Jane to take up the majority of Beth’s care when she was still in shock at the news that Bobby had killed Lucy and the family was attempting to hide the reality from Bobby.

After they remarried, they even brought her along for their honeymoon.

Cindy decided to have Beth adopted, but she was concerned that Ian, having lost Lucy, would use the baby as a diversion when he volunteered to take care of her. After much back and forth, she finally informed Ian that she would tell everyone what Bobby had done if they wouldn’t allow her to give up her daughter and that she didn’t want Beth to be adopted by him and Jane.


But eventually, Beth moved in with her father TJ.

<strong>Cindy messaged Bobby via video<strong>

Leaving Walford

After Cindy revealed to her current partner Liam that Bobby was Lucy’s killer, he attempted to buy off the Beales by offering a bribe in return for their silence. However, Liam’s father Ricky quickly stopped the bribes! Liam and Cindy moved in with Ricky in Dusseldorf.

However, Cindy sent Bobby a video message before she left, accusing him of being the killer! Bobby never saw it because Sharon intercepted it.

Cindy Beale learned that Cindy Jr. and Liam had split up and that Cindy was on the road soon after she arrived back in the Square.

When she learns that her mother is still alive and that she has two half-sisters that she was unaware of, how will she respond?

<strong>Mimi appears in Sex Education as Ruby<strong>

Who played Cindy Jr?

Mimi Keene portrayed the role of Cindy. She has great success after leaving EastEnders as Ruby Matthews in the Netflix series Sex Education.

She acted in the love movie After Everything as well.

Will Cindy return to EastEnders?

It would be wonderful to see Cindy Jr. back in Walford, causing mischief. Maybe even with little Beth, who would be the same age as Kat Slater’s twins, Bert and Ernie, at around ten years old today.

It is unclear if Mimi Keene would want to go back or even have the time to visit EastEnders, but the part might be recast, just like Johnny Carter and many other characters have.

When asked if Cindy Jnr., the actress Michelle Collins, would return, Michelle said, “I don’t know,” in response to the question. Though I can’t really tell you anything about her, I am aware that she is still alive. About all I know is that. However, who knows?

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