Amazon hints at first Neighbours episodes added to Freevee

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The 2012 season of Neighbours episodes will reportedly be uploaded on Amazon’s Freevee platform in February, according to an apparent announcement made by the online retailer.

On Monday, a trailer was briefly published to the Freevee app and the Prime Video website before being removed mere hours later – but not before Neighbours fans all around the world had time to notice and be startled by it!

The three-minute movie, titled “Highlights from 2011 and 2012,” featured clips from those seasons and served as a “previously on…” for the episodes that are expected to be introduced to the streaming service next month.

The advertisement’s summary stated:

They’ve moved into a new home on Amazon Freevee and have moved you to tears, laughter, and love. Re-discover the loves, struggles, and lives of your favourite Ramsay Street characters.

Join us in February as we look back on their experiences from 2012 and prepare to start a brand-new Neighbors chapter.

A little more than two months have passed since the streaming juggernaut revealed it had acquired the rights to the 37-year-old Australian soap and would start up again in 2023. The announcement was made just four months after what was supposed to be the final episode of Neighbours aired.

Amazon announced the show’s resuscitation along with the acquisition of the rights to more than 2,000 previous episodes, which will be made available for streaming prior to the new season.

Although ardent followers have different opinions on which episodes should be accessible, Amazon now appears to have revealed that 2012 will be the first year when viewing will be possible.

Whether the entire back catalogue from 2012 to 2022 will be released in February or whether the episodes will be added progressively leading up to the show’s complete return later this year is yet unknown.

Freevee has been contacted by Back to the Bay for comment.

Even though the trailer’s release was brief, Neighbours fans who were eagerly expecting news about the back catalogue’s release commented a lot about it on social media.

While many fans were excited about the idea of watching earlier episodes online, many others were worried that starting with the 2012 season, the show might not be presented in the best possible way to new viewers.

2012 and 2013 are relatively calm years compared to those on either side; they are characterised by many as the end of the “Bower Era.”

From 2008 until 2012, Susan Bower served as executive producer and showrunner, with a focus on redefining what family really means.

2012 is the year when the show starts to develop its sense of identity after what fans noted as a “down in quality” in the early 10s era and the shift from the main channel of Ten to the secondary channel Eleven in Australia.

The relationship between Sonya (Eve Morey) and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is the focus of the show’s plot, and Chris (James Mason) and Aidan’s romance also takes the series into previously unexplored area (Bobby Morley).

Additionally, Sheila (Colette Mann), Vanessa (Alin Sumatara), and Georgia (Saskia Hampele) will be arriving, which will spark stories like the Lucas/Vanessa/Rhys love triangle and the George and Kyle love story (Chris Milligan).

Other stories involve Susan hiring a deputy editor, Bradley (Aaron Jeffery) having an affair with Summer (Jordy Lucas), Sophie (Kaiya Jones) going through her adolescent personality changes, and Paul employing a publicist named Zoe Alexander (Simmone Jade Mackinnon).

The vehicle catastrophe that claimed the lives of six of our favourite actors also occurs in this year.

The first few weeks of 2013 wrap up any unfinished stories from 2012 before taking a completely other direction. The tale is moving along more quickly now, the series has a stronger sense of community, and there are new characters with connections to the past to keep things intriguing.

Introducing the Turner clan! With her husband Matt (Josef Brown) and three teenage children, Matriarch Lauren (Kate Kendall), a returning character who was last seen in 1993, ushers the show into the next era—the Herbison Era! Lauren is the daughter of Erinsborough stalwart Lou (Tom Oliver).

Three weeks into 2013, viewers will start to see Jason Herbison’s name added to the credits as the new narrative producer, replacing Andreas Fuhrmann and Emma Gordon.

Here is the complete list of episodes from 2012 and 2013 that you must not miss, as Freevee’s back catalogue appears to be starting at the beginning of 2012:

6311: Will Chris Pappas Survive in the 2012 Season’s Opening Episode?
Arrivals include 6238 for Rani Kapoor, 6358 for Vanessa Villante, and 6367 for Michael Williams.
6471/6472: The Car Crash 6394: Sheila Canning’s Arrival 6505: Georgia Brooks’ Arrival 6421: Jade Mitchell’s Departure
6522: Connor O’Neill’s Arrival Following a Six-Year Missing Period
6532: Lucas Fitzgerald and Vanessa Villante’s unwed status 6550: Patrick Villante’s birth and Sonya Mitchell’s labour pains were featured in the 2012 season finale 6551: Nell Rebecchi’s birth was featured in the 2013 season premiere 6554: Summer Hoyland’s departure

Sarah Beaumont Is Back in 6571!
Arrival of The Turners, Mason Turner’s delayed arrival, Karl and Susan Kennedy’s reunion, Toadie Rebecchi and Sonya Mitchell’s wedding, and Rhys Lawson’s passing are all in the year 6574.
Deaths of Priya Kapoor (6604), Sophie Ramsay, Andrew Robinson, and Tash William (6610), and

Steph Scully is released from prison in 6621, and Lucy Robinson makes a comeback after eight years in 6636.
Arrival of Terese Willis in 6642; Eclipse; Willises’ arrival in 6646; and resurrection of Mark Brennan
Patrick Villante is abducted in year 6647, and in year 6685, Ajay and Rani Kapoor depart.
The murderer of Robbo Slade is identified in episode 6733. Lucas Fitzgerald and Vanessa Villante depart in episode 6732.
6790: Georgia Brooks’ life is in danger in the 2013 season finale when Lauren Carpenter reveals she had a child with Brad Willis.
Fans will be in for a treat as new episodes are released to the platform because there is so much riveting drama.

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