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Alf turns 78! Home and Away star Ray Meagher celebrates his birthday and proves he’s hardly aged during his 34 years on the soap

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The cast of Home and Away paid tribute to Ray “Alf” Meagher on Monday, the day before he turned 78.

The Summer Bay mainstay was called a “flamin’ legend” by his co-stars when viewers noted that he hasn’t changed much over the course of his 34 years on the soap opera.

The only original cast member currently appearing in the soap opera is businessman Alf Stewart, who was one of the show’s eighteen founding characters.

Home and Away stars paid tribute to Ray ‘Alf’ Meagher as he turned 78 on Monday.  Emily Symons, 52, who plays Marilyn Chambers on the soap, shared a photo of the pair at last month’s Logie Awards

Hundreds of fans were quick to comment on the post, wishing Ray a happy birthday, with many also making note of his age defying looks. He is pictured in 2006

The actress who portrays Marilyn Chambers on the serial Emily Symons, 52, shared a snapshot of the two taken at the Logie Awards last month.

She wrote, “Happy birthday to our wonderful Ray.” “We appreciate our 33 years of friendship.”

Hundreds of followers reacted quickly to the tweet, wishing Ray a happy birthday and complimenting him on his youthful appearance.

Actress Georgie Parker, who plays his daughter Roo Stewart, shared her well wishes for the veteran star, writing: ‘Happy birthday Ray. We love you’ with a series of behind the scenes pictures from set

Since I first met him in 2004, the man hasn’t changed,’ a fan wrote.

Happy birthday, Ray,” wrote actress Georgie Parker in a message to the veteran actor who plays his daughter Roo Stewart. We love you,” followed by a collection of on-set behind-the-scenes images.

Happy Birthday Ray! Luke Mitchell, who played Romeo from 2009 to 2013, left a comment on the article. You flamin’ legend!’

The seasoned soap opera actor recently confessed he enjoys helping out fellow players on the programme.

He told TV Week, “I don’t intentionally take somebody under my wing unless I can sense that somebody’s genuinely hurting.”

I don’t go about telling others how to act. But I’m hoping that some of my methods will come across to others.

By that, I don’t mean anything about acting, but rather being on time, always prepared, and never taking a sick day,’ he continued.

Ray has previously admitted that because he was so committed to his profession, he never had children.

The soap actor revealed in a recently-resurfaced interview with The Daily Telegraph that the demands of his acting career led him to decide against having children.

When he was younger and working as a freelance actor, he admitted, he had concerns about his ability to support himself and others.

“It’s an odd old job, highly unstable, and an odd old career in terms of employment.”

Rebecca, a woman in her 40s and the daughter of Ray’s wife Gilly, has Ray as her stepfather.

He claimed that he chats to Rebecca at least once a week and enjoys having breakfast or lunch with her once every two weeks.

Ray recently found himself nominated for a Gold Logie once more at the age of 77, which left him speechless.

Ray, one of the industry’s most seasoned performers who has been in every season of Home and Away since the show’s debut in 1988, believed his “golden days” were ended following his most recent significant victory in 2010.

When the star defeated a number of favourites, including Rebecca Gibney and Rove McManus, to win the top prise that year, he stunned the industry.

Home and Away veteran Ray  (pictured) recently revealed how his career played a huge role in his decision not to have kids in resurfaced interview

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