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8 spoilers from EastEnders’ Christmas Day episode tonight – including The Queen Vic murder

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Spoilers for EastEnders: We already know that Christmas Day in the show always means death in The Vic. However, who perishes? Who murders him? And why?

The Six—Sharon Watts, Denise Fox, Linda Carter, Suki Panesar, Stacey Slater, and Kathy Beale—have a rough big day. But everything goes horribly wrong when they gather in The Vic to drown their sorrows.

What then transpires before the murder? Our EastEnders spoilers for tonight’s big post-watershed episode are available here.

EastEnders Christmas Day spoilers

Sharon and Keanu’s wedding day

Although Keanu and Sharon are getting ready to tie the knot, they both have significant secrets. Sharon is doing everything in her power to hide her shame about Keanu’s paternity from Albie. She is adamant about hiding the truth at all costs because she wants her happy ending.

Keanu is keeping quiet about his involvement in Albie’s kidnapping in the meantime. He allowed his mother Karen to take the fallout, and now she’s left Walford with Phil’s $50,000.

Sharon arrives at the church looking stunning while Keanu waits anxiously outside. Phil interrupts them just as they are ready to say “I do.”

He delivers the shocking revelation. Sharon is shocked to learn that Keanu was part of the kidnapping scheme. What is her plan for dealing with this?

Suki prepares to leave

Eve and Suki are preparing to leave Walford. But when she discovers that Ravi has been set free, a visitor stops her in her tracks.

Since the police are aware that Eve is still alive, Ravi has been released, which implies that Nish won’t be far behind. As Eve hides and waits for her escape, a desperate Suki picks up the pace.

Suki returns to No. 41 after they get ready to leave and she receives a frantic call from Vinny. However, Nish is there, not Vinny.

Suki tries to leave as the Panesar family sits down to a tense Christmas dinner. Nish pulls her back to the table, but not before locking the door. Unexpectedly, Suki is saved by Ravi, who intervenes to restrain Nish and allow Suki to escape. Will she manage to flee?

3. Stacey at war with Jack

When Stacey gets to the Brannings’, things are tense between her and Jack. She is there to pick up Charli for the Christmas lunch hosted by the Slaters, but it’s obvious that they still have unresolved issues.

Later, she confronts Eve and Jack about telling the police everything. They maintain that he has endangered Suki and placed her in grave danger.

Jack visits Suki out of guilt, but she doesn’t want to receive assistance from him. Will she regret it if she brushes him off?

Kathy and Denise make their getaways

Denise is not happy that she was forced to stay with Jack through blackmail. Their marriage is in ruins because he refused to let Denise leave him, citing Amy’s mental health as justification.

Kathy, meanwhile, is still unable to forgive Rocky for destroying the cafe with fire.

Not long after they all arrive at Sharon and Keanu’s wedding, Kathy and Denise quickly leave the church. And they go to the same location as the other Walford women.

Murder in The Vic

With Linda at her side, offering support, Sharon runs from her ceremony. Denise, Stacey, Suki, and Kathy greet the women as they arrive at The Vic.

All of them are processing significant life events and are finding comfort in the bar.

But when a single Walford man is slain, everything abruptly and irrevocably changes.

Who passes away? Who delivered the final blow?

Bernie breaks down in more Christmas Day spoilers for EastEnders

Bernie awakens on Christmas morning in the apartment without heat or electricity following Karen’s departure. After a tearful phone conversation with Karen, she visits her brother.

Bernie begs him to persuade Sharon to allow Karen to return home. Keanu, though, declines. He also tells Bernie that she can’t attend the wedding because he thinks she’ll ruin it out of desperation to keep his secret.

Bernie visits Phil in a state of distress, mustering all her courage to interrupt the Mitchells’ Christmas lunch. What will she tell Phil when she demands to see him?

Lola ‘returns’

The Mitchells are shocked to see a surprise video message from Lola. She discloses that Jay and Honey are participating in the London Marathon together.

After hearing Lola’s remarks regarding family, Phil decides to visit The Vic.

The Knights unite with the Beales

Gina and Anna join their mother and brother for Christmas lunch at the Beales’. George finds himself by himself at the bar getting ready for the nuptials.

Cindy seizes the chance to sneak over and pay him a visit. They have a heated exchange when she extends an invitation to get drinks.

Elaine and Ian become envious of George when he joins the families and talks about the good old days with Cindy. George snaps to attention and informs Elaine that he has arranged for a romantic hotel stay for her. Will it satisfy her?

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