Thursday, June 13, 2024

5 spoilers from Emmerdale’s Christmas Day episode tonight including Mack’s fate revealed

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Tonight’s Christmas Day episode of Emmerdale teases Mackenzie’s fate following his kidnapping. Will it endure?

Tracy and Caleb also take one risk too many. Who is it that witnesses them sharing a kiss?

In the meantime, Belle’s plans fail once more and Marlon is at his breaking point. Christmas Day Emmerdale spoilers for tonight include all of this and more.

What’s happened to Mackenzie?

Viewers witnessed Mackenzie storm out last week after arguing with Charity and telling her not to stay up late. However, he never returned, and we are aware that he was abducted.

Mack was last seen in an abandoned factory, gagged and tied up on a chair.

But now, all that’s visible is the chair to which he was previously tethered. Where is Mack now? Who owns him? What actions will they take against him? Will he pass away on Christmas Day?

Caleb and Tracy caught out!

Tracy and Caleb can’t seem to keep their hands off each other as their affair intensifies. They are near each other but not quite touching when they are celebrating together at Butlers.

When they do manage to spend some time together, there is intense sexual chemistry, but they are unable to act on it.

Later, Caleb offers to stay back with Tracy while she stays behind to watch the kids. When they finally have some alone time together, they quickly give each other a passionate embrace.

They haven’t been cautious enough, though, because someone comes home and witnesses them doing it. Has anyone seen them? Will they disclose the affair to everyone?

Marlon cracks

Everyone is delighted as Marlon and his family open their Christmas morning presents. The family’s happiness is contagious, but even in this joyful moment, Marlon soon loses patience with them.

Gus’s presence is beginning to wear thin and eventually becomes excessive. Has the family Christmas been ruined, as Marlon rips off his apron and storms out?

Paddy steps in

Marlon looks over at Paddy, who is wearing his sensible hat. He reminds Marlon that Gus will be having a very hard day because he is grieving. Marlon hears Paddy’s advice to save Christmas.

Marlon cooks up a storm and heads back, his tail between his legs, leaving Gus stunned by the amazing dinner. The day gets back on track after they toast to their loved ones.

Belle’s romantic plans scuppered

Chas believes Belle ought to try the proposal again on Christmas Day. Belle proceeds to plan it after determining that it’s a good idea.

But instead, the well-intentioned Sam drags her away for a birthday celebration!

Will Belle ever have the opportunity to propose to Tom?

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