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11 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week What’s next in Summer Bay?

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On the upcoming episode of Home and Away, Cash battles Jeremy, Felicity’s assailant.

Other stories include Kirby saving Theo from a difficult position, Irene missing John’s companionship, and Mali asking Rose a crucial question.

This is the whole set of 11 significant events.

Kirby and Theo clash

Theo remains irritated with Kirby for failing to inform him that she could surf. When the former couple gets into another argument, Justin feels compelled to step in.

Remi decides to try to patch things up with Theo after giving Kirby a hard time about the effect her split is having on the band.

Theo, of course, has questions and demands answers. If surfing was Kirby’s love, then why did she stop? Furthermore, why didn’t she inform him of what was happening?

Kirby is honest with Theo

Kirby confides in Theo about her decision to give up surfing, telling him that she nearly perished in the waves after a frightening accident.

Theo expresses his grief and thanks her for being so honest, but he also says he was always honest with Kirby when they were together.

They decide to attempt moving forward and concentrating on getting back together as friends.

 Lyrik are in crisis

Lyrik’s impending gig is about to cancel, and this sends them into a panic. After a pressing band meeting, Justin announces that he has secured them a performance slot at the Palais Metro. But there’s a catch: the reservation is only for tonight.

Although Eden declines to mingle with the media and Theo brings up the fact that they still lack an album title, Justin is adamant that Lyrik must go with the performance.

Everyone is finally on board after some persuasion from Remi and Justin, but will everything go according to plan?

Kirby saves the day

The Palais Metro crowd gives Lyrik’s latest album the thumbs up, despite their early misgivings.

Later, when a journalist questions Theo about his relative inexperience, his nerves give out. Kirby intervenes and rescues the day, complimenting Theo’s intelligence to the reporter and responding to inquiries on behalf of the entire band.

Although Theo is appreciative of her help, he later tells Justin how embarrassed he was.

John lets Irene down

After confiding in Marilyn about her loneliness, Irene feels better and decides to invite John around for supper.

She makes dinner and sets up Scrabble after leaving work early, but John leaves to have a video chat with Jett.

When Marilyn notices Irene’s evident disillusionment, she and Alf start to question if Irene has fallen in love with her old roommate.

Irene responds angrily to Maz’s questioning, stating that she has no love feelings for John and never will.

 Irene struggles with loneliness

Repentant over their miscommunication, Marilyn invites Irene to her place for supper and a Tarot reading. Irene is not amused by Marilyn’s suggestion to bring Leah along, stating that she is not a helpless person.

Marilyn tells Mackenzie that she is afraid. The ladies decide to stop by and cheer up Irene because she seems lonely.

Irene is using her Scrabble board to spell the word “solitude” when Marilyn and Mac show in carrying dessert and noodles. Though she is appreciative of their companionship, she admits that she must begin acclimating to being alone herself.

Felicity plays with fire

When Tane finds out that Felicity stole money from Cash to pay her blackmailer, Felicity is exposed. Tane, appalled by his wife’s innocence, believes the next demand will arrive sooner rather than later.

Felicity receives a text from her abuser requesting an additional $20,000, proving that he is right.

Felicity responds to the message, going over Tane’s back once more, and consents to give her blackmailer what they want.

Felicity goes missing

Felicity had to leave quickly since she is having terrifying flashbacks of the night of her assault during Lyrik’s performance at Palais Metro.

When Tane awakens the following morning, Felicity has vanished and left a note that says, “I’m not going to be a victim anymore.” Don’t hate me, please.”

In the meantime, Felicity deposits the cash that Cash left her in a distant trash can as instructed by her blackmailer. Is she really in such grave danger?

Felicity’s attacker is arrested

Felicity takes some sly pictures of Jeremy, the man who has been tormenting her, as Tane voices concern over her disappearance. The impulse to smash her car into him takes hold of Felicity, but she controls herself.

Cash maintains that he wants to speak with the person who is torturing his sister while the police raid and take Jeremy into custody. Rose finds out from the forensic team that Felicity wasn’t Jeremy’s first victim while he questions him.

With the assistance of a lawyer, Jeremy believes he will be exonerated, but when Cash confesses that he is Felicity’s brother, Jeremy’s smug smirk vanishes.

Mali wants Rose to meet his mum

Damaged Xander is now in charge of Mali’s surf instruction, but Mali is having difficulty letting go. When Xander fails to follow protocol, Mali becomes quite irate. However, he quickly gets over his rage and invites Xander out for pizza at Salt.

When Mali checks his social media over dinner, he discovers that his mother has seen a picture of him and Rose. His sister Elandra then texts him to tell their mother is curious about this mystery woman.

Aiming to present them, Mali asks Rose, somewhat unexpectedly, if she would like to meet his mother the next day.

 John fears for Alf

John worries that Alf may be experiencing hearing problems as a result of several unusual incidents at the surf club.

He calls a staff meeting, but Alf sees right through the lie when no one else shows up.

John approaches the topic of Alf’s hearing in a tactful manner, but he ends up getting hit with Alf’s infamously short fuse.

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