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11 big moments coming up:Neighbours spoilers for next week 

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Next week on Neighbours, David’s new home in jail proves to be just as dangerous as everyone feared, while Jane’s son Byron’s scandalous side gig causes him problems.

Here are 11 Neighbours spoilers to look forward to next week.

Glen and Kiri take positive steps

Glen was resolved to overcome his addiction withdrawals and attend Kiri’s birthday celebration, but he was forced to make up an explanation and bail out at the last minute, only to be caught out by Kiri.

Glen realises that the only way to put things right is to be open and honest with her about his issues. It’s a good idea to tell her because it draws them closer together.

Kiri is adamant that she does not want him to be a father, but she is open to the possibility of them becoming friends. Will this be the encouragement Glen needs to get himself out of this funk?

Terese gets ammo against Paul

Paul’s stake in Sapiko & Bazz Holdings has been a source of conflict in his divorce from Terese, and she will find out what he has been up to next week.

Terese is sceptical when it is discovered that the company has gone bankrupt, and thanks to Toadie and Byron, she discovers that it was all a ruse to hide assets.

Terese, armed with this knowledge, sets out to find a means to prove it – and, in the process, derail the newest of Paul’s schemes…

Mackenzie continues to struggle

Mackenzie appears to be managing well in the aftermath of Jimi Hendrix’s death on the surface, but we’ll find out next week that she’s nowhere near as prepared to deal with it all as she claims.

Sadie, who has been feeling bad about her role in the incident, writes Mack a letter. Mackenzie takes the letter, which relieves Sadie, but when she leaves, Mackenzie tears it up and sobs – Sadie is still far from being forgiven.

Byron’s shock side gig is revealed

Jane was overjoyed when her son, Byron, arrived unexpectedly in Erinsborough, but he has a secret that will astound her when she discovers it.

Byron is distracted while working with Toadie at Rebecchi Law and has a habit of disappearing for long amounts of time. It turns out that working with Toadie isn’t his sole profession; he also works as a gigolo on the side.

Will Byron be able to preserve his secret, and how will his family react if they find out?

Amy experiences dating woes

Amy is hellbent on proving Zara wrong and continues to dangle her toes in the dating world, despite Zara’s belief that her mother has deeper feelings for Toadie than she is letting on.

Amy feels she’s off to a good start when she goes on a date with Barry and the two hit it off immediately. Unfortunately for Amy, Barry is married, and she is back to square one – is love on the horizon for Amy, and could it be with her old pal Toadie?

Paul and Terese accept the end of their marriage

Paul and Terese’s breakup hasn’t been easy, and Paul’s nastier side has been on full show several times over the previous year. The couple will eventually come to an agreement — and acknowledge that there is no way back for them as a married couple – next week.

The sticking point has been assets, so Paul decides to cut his losses and make Terese an attractive offer to buy her out of the hotel – which she gladly accepts. Paul and Terese’s marriage appears to be officially finished.

David struggles behind bars

After the disaster of the ill-fated boat trip away, David has been placed in custody, and he is having to adjust to his new living conditions in jail. Worse, his friends and family quickly find that he is being incarcerated in a maximum-security prison.

Paul is anxious for his son’s safety and cautions him that if he wants to be safe, he must have his wits about him. And it turns out that Paul was correct, as David is going to collide with someone who appears to be on the verge of ruining his life.

Melanie struggles with memories of Sonya

With a large mural of Sonya at Lassiters and her being one of Ramsay Street’s most beloved inhabitants, it’s tough not to be reminded of her when you’re around Toadie.

Melanie will find it difficult to traverse Sonya’s memory next week, as she begins to feel as though she will never be able to live up to it.

Mel confides in Amy about her concerns, and this information reaches Toadie, who has a respectful discussion with her about his late wife. Will he say what Mel needs to hear in order for her to put everything behind her?

Nicolette and Kiri grow closer

Next week, Chloe and Kiri will continue to work on their relationship, but recapturing the spark they once had will be difficult. Chloe looks to Kiri for a pick-me-up after what’s going on with David, but anything romantic is out when the mood doesn’t cooperate.

Kiri runs into Nicolette and asks if she wants to go to church with her, and Nic says yes. Will Kiri rekindle her relationship with Nicolette?

Friends and family worry for David

David is in a grave predicament in prison, and his family and friends are trying to save him.

Paul tries to help by hiring his old rival, Holden, to keep an eye on him, but things swiftly spiral out of control, and everyone realises there is nothing they can do to save David from a terrible scenario.

That changes when Freya receives a call from Gareth’s ex-girlfriend Emma, who offers to help him, but can she be trusted?

Mackenzie attends a grief group

Knowing that she needs help rebuilding her life, Mackenzie agrees to visit a grief counselling group. Grant is insistent on going with her to show support, and he is proud of his daughter when she delivers a speech that shows how well adjusted she is despite all that she has been through.

While she outwardly seems to be doing better, things are different behind closed doors, and she still has a way to go – but will she reach out for help when she needs it?

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