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10 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week

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Bree worries about her safety once more after hearing about Jacob on Home and Away the following week.

Tane makes romantic plans for his wedding as Justin pushes his luck too far while competing in the golf competition.

The whole list of 10 significant events is provided here.

1. Cash gives Bree an update

Local policeman Cash arranges for Jacob to be served with an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) for abusing Bree, and then hears back that Jacob is disputing all of the claims.

Following Bree’s involvement with the police, Jacob immediately violates the provisions of the AVO by contacting and attempting to intimidate her. After hearing the exchange, Remi takes Bree’s phone and tells Jacob not to call again.

2. Remi declares his love for Bree

Bree’s self-assurance is damaged as a result of the terrifying call, and she begins to second-guess her choice to report Jacob. She accuses Remi of not understanding relationships, so he surprises her when he says he loves her in return.

Bree is unsure about how to interpret Remi’s demeanor. Remi’s eagerness to protect her in her traumatized state is beginning to resemble Jacob’s authoritarian behavior. Bree seemed to require some solitude in order to sort things out.

3. Bree fears for her safety

When Ziggy approaches her to discuss the recent issue with Dean, Bree begins to feel better. Bree also starts accepting help from Remi again.

Jacob hasn’t shown up for work, and Bree later gets a disturbing call saying he could be anywhere. Remi begins to worry when Bree later goes to pick up takeout and doesn’t come home.

4. Eden and Cash are brought closer

Eden asks Cash for assistance after discovering that numerous bridal outfits that she had brought from the store to show Felicity personally at her house have vanished. Eden will be responsible for paying $12,000 if she doesn’t give back the dresses.

There is sexual tension between Eden and Cash as they decide how to take the first steps to reclaim the dresses. Cash leans in for a kiss, but Felicity cuts him off.

5. Rose and Cash trap a thief

Felicity is motivated to get Cash and Eden back together by the chemistry she can clearly sense between them.

Later, when she discovers the lost gowns being sold online, Eden finds a new lead. Rose and Cash go undercover by pretending to be an engaged pair to deceive the thief when Eden contacts the vendor online.

6. Dean gets an idea to impress Ziggy

Dean is informed by Ziggy that they will need to purchase a second vehicle once the baby is born. When the baby comes, she’s adamant she won’t feel confined in the house.

Dean learns that a brand-new automobile will be awarded as the first prize in the forthcoming Summer Bay golf tournament. Despite being a complete novice at the game, he swears to participate and dazzle Ziggy by winning.

7. Justin commits sabotage

The competing teams walk the course the night before the golf tournament to scout out their opponents. While John has Rose and Kirby on his side, Justin has enlisted Theo and Dean for his group.

During a practice round, two-time winner Rose displays her outstanding golfing prowess. This has Justin so upset that he sneaks outside late at night to wreck John’s golf cart.

8. Justin faces the consequences of cheating

The competition goes out wonderfully for Justin because Dean proves to be a complete natural at golf and benefits from beginner’s luck the entire time. Justin also benefits from his act of sabotage, which makes John’s team walk the entire course because their golf buggy is broken.

Although Justin’s team triumphs in the competition, they are shortly disqualified after Roo discovers CCTV footage showing him tampering with the golf buggy.

Just hours after winning his first prize—a brand-new car—it was ruthlessly taken away, and Dean is furious. Justin’s childish behavior towards a charity event has also offended Leah. He must sleep on the couch, she commands.

9. Tane and Felicity look ahead to the wedding

To honor Tane’s cultural heritage, Felicity is still working with Nikau to translate her wedding vows into Te Reo Mori.

Tane realizes that his fiancée and nephew seem to be acting secretively together, so he turns to Nikau for an explanation. When Nikau says that Felicity is attempting to respect Tane’s identity and origins, he is intrigued.

When Tane decides he wants to repay the favor, he looks for a rural wedding location that will better honor Felicity’s heritage.

10. Stacey makes a big decision for Xander

After deciding that their divergent dating styles make them incompatible, Xander and Stacey make an effort to get along. They almost succumb to temptation once more, but Xander insists that he is not the type to be in a casual relationship.

Stacey realizes she doesn’t want Xander to leave, so she makes a commitment to attempt being exclusive in order for them to be together. Rose, Xander’s sister, tries to be happy for him, but she secretly worries that things won’t turn out the way he wants.

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