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There are seven major spoilers for Coronation Street, including Adam Barlow’s mystery stalker and Daniel’s confession.

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THE Barlow family is almost under literal fire as Adam becomes the target of an intimidation campaign.

Meanwhile, his uncle Daniel gives the truth about Max Turner’s accident. Here’s all you need to know about the next week’s drama in Coronation Street.

1. Adam gets held at gunpoint

Next week, Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) gets the scare of his life.

The solicitor is being pursued by an unknown adversary who isn’t afraid to commit acts of damage.

However, things take a terrifying turn when he is held at gunpoint in his workplace with Irman Habeeb after his car windshield is shattered into bits (Charlie de Melo).

Both characters are taken aback when their office is invaded and searched for a handgun by armed cops in response to a tip-off likely given away by Adam’s stalker.

Imran and Adam’s wife Sarah (Tina O’Brien) turn against him, accusing him of antagonizing Jeremy Bremner when the police flip his office upside down.

Adam is convinced that the latter – who has been unable to resolve a boundary issue with whom he was involved – is hell-bent on making his life a living nightmare.

2. Sarah is targeted by Adam’s mystery stalker

However, Adam won’t be the stalker’s only victim.

In contrast, Adam will not be the stalker’s sole victim.

Despite Imran’s urging to report the tormentor to the police, Adam determines to remain silent after antagonizing Jeremy, who has admitted to keying his car.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Sarah is overjoyed to receive a lovely bunch of flowers in a vase.

The solicitor is perplexed when she thanks Adam for his compassion because he never sent the flowers.

Sarah takes the card and reads the message, which fills her with dread: “The next bouquet will be for your burial.”

Sarah and Adam assume that because their flat door is shut, whoever left the bouquet could still be inside, trapping Sarah with the stalker.

The couple takes action by changing their locks, and Adam advises her to go with Harry and stay with her brother Nick Tilsley in order to keep her safe (Ben Price).

Nothing appears to be able to stop the stalker from entering Sarah and Adam’s flat.

The tormentor gives the couple another menacing message after snipping the heads off two roses: “Valentine’s Day greetings. It’s possible that it’ll be your last.”

Is this the genuine Jeremy Bremner?

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