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Sam Frost SPLITS with Survivor star boyfriend Jordie Hansen just two weeks after they made their relationship public.

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Sam Frost is single again after splitting with her boyfriend Jordie Hansen.

The former Home and Away actress, 33, terminated things with the Australian Survivor: Blood V Water star, 26, when his ex-girlfriend publicly claimed he’d began dating Sam just days after they broke up, according to Daily Mail Australia.

‘Sam and Jordie have split. His ex appeared on a podcast and it upset Sam,’ an insider told Daily Mail Australia on Friday.

‘Jordie was on and off with two ex-girlfriends before he got with Sam,’ the source added.

Jordie’s former boyfriend, Ash, revealed on a podcast this week that Jordie introduced his new romance with Sam just two days after they split earlier this year.

Since they were 17, the two had been high school sweethearts and maintained an on-again, off-again relationship.

Sam Frost has been contacted by the Daily Mail Australia for comment.

On April 4th, Sam and Jordie, a landscaper from Victoria, confirmed their relationship by releasing films and photographs from a road trip from Sydney to the NSW South Coast.

Jordie posted an Instagram video of Sam beaming from the passenger seat, ‘Little team of escapees down the coast.’

At their lodging, the couple was seen having a cheeseboard and a bottle of wine, according to another post.

Sam tagged Jordie in a black-and-white photo of him cuddling up next to four dogs on the couch, which was maybe the most illuminating post.

Sam’s two dogs, Sir Gregson and Rocky, as well as two more dogs perhaps belonging to Jordie, were among the pets.

Jordie soon followed up with a series of photos of Sam taken while the two were driving in his car together.

‘Are you kidding? STOP IT… This is a win for the Everyman,’ he began his caption, clearly referring to how he recently scored such a catch.

‘They said it wasn’t possible. You’re a dreamer. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. Shoot for the stars kids,’ he added.

He also revealed a note written by Sam, as well as a gift she had given him for his 26th birthday.

‘Babe, If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching Survivor, it’s that you’re terrible at puzzles. If you plan on doing round 2, start practising now. ‘With love, x,’ she wrote.

On April 11, Sam published a heartfelt tribute to Jordie on Instagram, along with many black-and-white photographs of the couple hugging.

‘Mum, can you snap a nice shot of me and Jord?’ said the former radio host in her caption. I now have 25 fuzzy images of us giggling uncontrollably.’

‘Funniest human I’ve ever met. Thank you for making me so happy, I’m a very lucky woman,’ she added.

They were last seen together in public over the Easter holiday.

Sam had previously mentioned that she was dating Alex, her younger brother’s buddy.

‘I am seeing someone, it’s really fun and I’m really happy, he treats me really well,’ Sam told on The Herald Sun earlier this month.

‘I feel really lucky that I’ve met him at a really great time in my life.’

Because her new partner is a friend of her brother’s, Sam claims he is already close to her family, and Alex has given him the ‘tick of approval.’

Dave Bashford was the former reality star’s previous boyfriend.

Although the couple was rumored to have broken up in January 2020, Sam did not declare her single status until June of that year.

At the time, a source close to the couple supposedly ‘confirmed’ to Woman’s Day that they had broken up and that Sam was putting her profession first.

Sam rose to prominence after appearing on the 2014 season of The Bachelor, when she was picked by Blake Garvey in the finals before being discarded for runner-up Louise Pillidge shortly after.

In 2015, she became Australia’s first Bachelorette, dating winner Sasha Mielczarek for 18 months before they parted up.

Sam stated she was dating her old friend Dave in July 2017, then stated she was single in June 2020.

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