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Neighbours Spoilers – Harold helps Mackenzie through her grief

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Next week on Neighbours in the UK, as Mackenzie continues to struggle, Grant returns to micro-managing her life. Can Harold’s return help her finally learn to manage her grief?

These scenes air in the UK from Monday 4th July, and in Australia from Thursday 14th July.

Grant, Mackenzie’s father (played by Paul Mercurio), and Mackenzie have never had a good connection.

When Mackenzie was younger, Grant rejected her after finding out from Shane Rebecchi (Nicholas Coghlan) that she dressed as a girl when he was at work. After finding out that her mother had passed away, he abandoned her and her mother and didn’t even get in touch with Mackenzie.

Years later, Shane eventually tracked Grant down and invited him to Erinsborough, after filling him in on the fact that Mackenzie had now transitioned.

At first, Grant found it difficult to accept his daughter’s transition. He told her he still saw her as his son and declined her offer to go to the father-daughter dance with her. He finally softened, though, when he saw how much Shane had grown and come to terms with Mackenzie’s genuine identity.

Grant finally came to terms with Mackenzie’s identity and even joined his daughter for a selfie with Courtney Act at the Rainbow Bingo event hosted by Lassiters.

He only realised the effect his prior behaviour had on Mackenzie after reading out a passage from Mackenzie’s diary at Harold’s.

Grant came back to Erinsborough for Mackenzie’s wedding to Hendrix after some months away (Ben Turland). Despite his now-complete support, he soon began to feel envious of Pierce’s (Tim Robards) involvement in the wedding because wealthy Pierce had already covered all of the costs Grant had offered to fund.

When Hendrix and Mackenzie’s wedding at the butterfly house at the Melbourne Zoo was cancelled due to a date mix-up, Grant secretly called the location and persuaded them to find a different location for the wedding while also offering the couple the chance to take photos in the butterfly inclosure afterwards.

A serious confrontation between Grant and Pierce resulted from this. Pierce said that the venue’s turnaround was something that not even he could have done, concluding that the couple had simply been lucky.

Grant was unable to conceal his emotions; he had phoned the location covertly in order to assist his daughter, but Pierce’s ostentatious remarks forced him to come clean. Sadly, despite his best efforts, Grant’s rage towards Pierce ruined the happy couple’s last night together before their wedding.

This week, Grant travels to Erinsborough to support his daughter as she copes with the tragedy of Hendrix’s passing. Even though Mack continues to say she is well, she is actually in excruciating pain.

She receives a letter from Sadie (Emerald Chan), who expresses her regret for her role in Hendrix’s illness. Mackenzie accepts it politely, but when she is alone, she tears it up and lets her pain out.

The following week, she finally lets her anguish and pain show. It’s a good thing, and Mackenzie and Grant come to an understanding; moving forwards, they’ll both be more forthcoming with one another.

Grant breaks his pledge the very next day, nevertheless, after learning something new from his daughter.

Sadie assisted Hendrix in creating a farewell film in which he discussed what might transpire if his procedure failed. The heartbreaking video made a significant impact on the people of Ramsay Street, but the following week Sadie finds some further unexpected films that indicate Hendrix had more to say.

But when Grant finds out about the films, his anxieties take over, and he resolves to keep them from Mackenzie, micromanaging her life once more.

The next day, Wendy informs him that Mack is an adult and has the freedom to decide whether or not to watch the recordings. Sadly, Grant maintains his guard and decides against showing his daughter the videos.

Toadie and Melanie must convince him that they share Wendy’s sentiments in order for him to change his decision. Finally, he comes to the realisation that perhaps he was a bit overly careful… But given that their relationship was already strained, would Mackenzie be able to handle this latest revelation?

Thankfully, Karl and Susan return from their break next week.

They’re confronted by how closed off Mackenzie is, and when they find out what Grant has done, they try to encourage Mackenzie to make peace with him – yet she has no desire to do so!

Then, the surprise arrival of a beloved friend could make all the difference, as Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) makes a return to Ramsay Street!

He’s been where Mackenzie is, as he lost his beloved wife Madge (Anne Charleston) back in 2001.

Mackenzie is unable to even eat as she continues to suffer with her emotions.

Harold confides in her about his personal experience with grief after recognising her distress. Mackenzie feels stronger than she has in a long time when he offers her advice.

With Harold’s help, has she finally turned a corner?

While Harold’s experience with grief may be helping Mackenzie, his experience of rushing into marriage means he may be about to fall out with one of his oldest friends…

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