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Neighbours Organ transplant, hot photos, and lookalike brother of Byron celebrity

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Joe Klocek, who portrays newbie Byron Stone in the Australian soap opera Neighbours, has made a name for himself on Ramsay Street, and his life off camera is just as dramatic as it is in front of the cameras.

Fans of soap operas will be aware that Byron Stone, a hot newbie on Neighbours who is played by Joe Klocek, has been waiting in the wings for a long.

Although he has only sometimes been mentioned over the years, there have been rumors that he was about to make his acting debut. He is the brother of Nicolette and the son of Jane Harris.

Even while Byron appears to be settling in well—he has a job working for Toadie, a Neighbours legend—all may not be as it seems. particularly in regards to his old employer.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the muscular actor who plays him as Erinsborough welcomes its newest resident.

Early life

Joe was born in Brisbane, Australia, and is 27 years old. He appeared in the 2013 film Nowhere Boys and the Australian horror series Patricia Moore.

Joe has been dubbed “the next Chris Hemsworth” by his followers, according to his Instagram, and with good cause he enjoys the beach, gardening with power tools, and taking off his shirt.

Organ transplant

Joe required a liver transplant because he was born with a genetic liver disease. He reportedly became drowsy, ill, and prone to fatal nosebleeds as a result.

A match was found at the age of 10. After being placed on the waiting list, he only had to wait two weeks.

“My parents and dad made our childhood the best it could be, but it’s something I wouldn’t wish on anyone,” Joe told news.com.au.

“I recall going on a run down the street the first week following my transplant and finally feeling like I could breathe normally.

“Physically, I transformed; my eyes turned white, and my complexion turned from yellow to a healthy shade.”

“It’s all thanks to one person’s decision to bestow the gift of life,” he continued. They never leave my thoughts.

“Whenever I hit a milestone, I remember that without my donor, I wouldn’t be alive today.”

Lookalike brother

Daniel, Joe’s 32-year-old older brother, is an exact replica of Joe.

Daniel is a photographer instead of an actor, and he has worked on campaigns for companies like the skincare company Thank Rose and the Australian luxury apparel brand Chamani.

Daniel, who also underwent a liver transplant, was born with the same genetic disorder as Joe.

Hunky pictures

According to his Instagram, Joe enjoys taking topless pictures and is thought to resemble a young Eric Bana.

A handsome Australian actor and comedian, Eric Bana has been in blockbusters including Black Hawk Down, Hulk, and the hit true-crime series Dirty John on Netflix.

Joe expressed his gratitude for the comparison, saying: “I was really honored that people even thought I resembled Eric.” Every young man likes to hear that they resemble Eric Bana, after all.

In the Australian crime drama The Dry, Joe played a younger Eric Bana. “I was particularly happy with Joe’s casting and I think he’s completely brained it,” Eric, 53, said of Joe’s performance in the movie.

Joe previously admitted to Netflix that despite not getting to share a screen with Eric, he still viewed the actor as a “mentor.”

I had the opportunity to question him about the US market, how he got jobs in Australia, and how he got started in his profession, said Joe.

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