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Married at First Sight Australia – Bronte and Harrison rocked by “other woman” scandal

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In tonight’s episode of Married at First Sight Australia on E4, Bronte and Harrison’s wedding goes horribly wrong as Harrison is charged with having a woman outside the marriage.

Tonight, the experiment returns to UK television with the immediate marriage of 10 new couples who will have never met before. The drama can now be watched in the UK on E4 and All4 after running in Australia for the previous five weeks.

Lyndall and Cameron’s nuptials, the first of the new season, go off without a hitch. After receiving a new drug approval for her cystic fibrosis, Lyndall has been given a new lease on life. She is looking for someone who is “willing to lean in and take a chance.”

She is partnered with chipper Cameron, who assists in constructing hospitals and schools in far-flung indigenous tribes, and they soon establish themselves as one of the program’s most promising couples.

Not so for Bronte and Harrison, whose dramatic nuptials are depicted in the very first scenes of the programme. Bronte is pulled aside by her best friend and given alarming information about her new husband.

The 28-year-old Bronte said that she believes “love conquers all” and that she would value nothing more than falling in love during the experiment.

She tells the producers, “I’m so ready to just take this jump and meet the man of my dreams. “Hopefully. like, immediately put the ring on this finger.

She has experienced numerous instances of sorrow and heartbreak, and she dislikes how everyone is constantly looking for “the next great thing” and juggling multiple relationships.

I’m sorry. As we soon find out, her match doesn’t have as much of an issue with dating more than one person.

Harrison, her soon-to-be husband, is quick to acknowledge that he has a divisive personality and is fine with the fact that some people don’t like him. He is 32 years old.

“It’s okay. He explains, “I mean, not everyone has taste.

Experts believe that the 32-year-old carpenter, who constructs luxury homes all around Sydney, just uses his dominance as a defence mechanism. John Aiken thinks that “there’s a caring parent” hiding beneath the arrogance.

As someone who “takes the notion of marriage extremely seriously,” Harrison seeks a partner who shares all of his ideals. His ideal Mrs. Right would be someone who shares his ideals, and he demands commitment because “a partnership cannot exist without trust and loyalty.”

When the wedding is about to start, the groom responds, “she’s not doing too terrible herself,” to a mixed response from the guests when one of the bridal party tells Harrison he’s a lucky person.

The bridesmaid admits, “I’m pretty apprehensive about this guy,” calling him “a bit cocky.”

Harrison informs Bronte that the bride absolutely took his breath away when she entered, allaying Bronte’s concerns.

Bronte says that her new spouse is gorgeous and that he gave her the impression that they were the only two people in the room. All is well thus far.

Harrison enjoys his match just as much. “Bronte genuinely astounded me. She is so breathtaking that I literally felt the air leave my body.

But, the mysterious Lady in Pink from the first scene keeps a tight eye on the couple as they exit the venue and enjoy their first moments as husband and wife. yastmastmastmastmas, and

According to Jessica, who is listed as Bronte’s acquaintance,

As soon as I saw Harrison, I immediately felt bad for Bronte since he was the man about whom I had been warned. I have evidence that Harrison is claiming to be someone he is not.

Bronte is pleased when Harrison leaves the wedding reception to spend time with his father-in-law because she’s always had to nag her ex-boyfriends into spending more time with her family.

Then Jessica, one of her friends, stops her for a conversation. She reveals to her that she has a friend from Sydney who has a boyfriend who is “going to be on MAFS” and that she has been dating for the past month and a half.

“Honey, he’s here… Harrison here.

Jessica claims that Harrison has been preparing for a future with this other woman. Jessica reveals that Harrison had even spoken to the other girl about what would happen if she became pregnant before he appeared on the show and that they have photos of them together.

The news devastates Bronte, who describes it as her worst fear.

“What? Oh my God, you must be lying. Are you serious, like really serious?

Bronte doesn’t waste any time in heading over to confront her husband. She is forthright and blunt:

“So you’re aware that we’re discussing honesty? Who is the twenty-year-old you have outside?

Harrison, though, disputes it. “I’m not kidding. No one is available to me.

But as Bronte provides additional information about the messages, he is forced into a corner and must ultimately tell her the truth. I’m a single guy in Sydney, and certainly, I didn’t know if this was going to last a week, a month, or the full experiment, he says, adding that he was “seeing a number of girls” before entering the experiment.

Nevertheless, I’m not in a relationship with anyone; I was only seeing them. I won’t run away from who I once was. I was single and actively dating.

He admits to Bronte that he had a crush on a person for a very long period, and that they got together “like a week before doing this.” He acknowledges that it’s unfortunate that they met just before the experiment started, but vows to give it his all now that he’s participating.

He tells Bronte that he was single before to the experiment, asking her, “So why are you attacking me over this?” This is a ploy he’s quite adept at, as we’ll witness in the weeks to come.

While the first episode closes with Bronte and Harrison’s future in doubt, they finally overcome their wedding day controversy.

In a chat with the producers, Harrison expressed his displeasure that details of his life outside of MAFS were brought up in such a bad light on his wedding day. They spend their wedding night apart.

As soon as Harrison brought Bronte coffee in the morning, the two started talking about what had happened the night before, with Harrison once more stressing that he had a life apart from the show and that it would eventually follow him in.

Although Bronte is aware of that, she worries that she will only be replaced and become useless. What’s to stop Cameron from simply returning to the group of girls who are waiting?

He assures her, “I want you to know that I’ve left that behind to be here for this process. “Because we’re now legally wed, and I take that seriously. And I desire to include you in my life.

In a cutaway interview, Bronte admits that she’s had her heart broken “so many times” and that it will be difficult to recover. She informs Harrison that she does, however, wish to regain her capacity for trust, and that deeds speak louder than words.

For the first several weeks of the show, Bronte and Harrison provide a lot of drama, but the “other woman” story eventually fades into the background.

In the programme airing on Wednesday, Bronte’s sister contacts us with Fresh claims. They are defending Harrison this time, though!

According to the sister, Jess may have been disgruntled about not being a bridesmaid and may have concocted the accusations for that reason. We see some handy images of Jessica looking mournful while longingly glancing at the trio of bridesmaids in the front row. She had spoken to the bridal party and was perplexed as to why she wasn’t a bridesmaid.

Bronte expresses great amazement in response. Jessica plainly “stirred crap,” as Bronte puts it, because “she couldn’t take the idea that this wasn’t about her.” The issue is resolved since her husband is a saint after all.

“My poor hubby is completely destroyed. All the poor guy has done is come in here and attempt to restart.


She consents to move on with her relationship with her new husband by acting as though nothing ever happened. Let’s hope she is correct and Harrison turns out to be the ideal committed gentleman moving forward.

We have a feeling that the drama is far from over.

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