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Saturday, December 3, 2022

    Home and Away star Emily Weir reveals why she went fully sober two years ago: No looking back or regrets

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    In Seven’s Home and Away, Emily Weir plays resident beach babe Mackenzie Booth. Speaking to star Romel Kouyan of My Kitchen Rules for his Instagram TV channel on Wednesday, the actress revealed why two years ago she went fully sober.

    The 29-year-old explained how ‘alcohol’ became an obstacle ‘and’ did not mesh well ‘with who she was as a person.

    Emily agreed that although in her early twenties she gave alcohol ‘a good run for her money,’ basically, it just doesn’t work for her.

    “She said to Romel,” It just doesn’t mesh well with who I am or what I was for. ‘I’ve been to the point of a lot of drinking, too much partying … It has been more of an impediment than anything else.’

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    Emily went on to disclose how one day she had an epiphany and made the decision to refrain from drinking.
    One week turned into weeks, weeks became months, and months became years.

    ‘Looking back is nuts. To have made that choice, especially when it is embedded not only in our culture but in the industry,’ she said upon reflection.

    ‘[But] without it, I’m so much better off. It didn’t work emotionally for me, it was something that held me back,’ continued Emily.

    When she agreed to leave and seek support via Alcohol Anonymous meetings, the soap star said the future immediately looked brighter and doors started opening.

    ‘No contemplation, no regrets,’ she concluded.

    Last year, Emily landed her breakout role in Home and Away as restaurateur Mackenzie.

    Before that, in 2003, she starred in the TV series The Sleepover Club.

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    In an interview with Stuff New Zealand last year, Emily described her casting on Home and Away as like a dream come true.
    ‘It was like winning the Lotto for me and all the members of my extended family,’ she said.

    ‘My family is always watching Away and Home. They’re calling it Homie. While Homie is on … It just shuts us down. You will not be allowed to make calls or something.’

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