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Home and Away Spoilers – Gabe faces a fight for his life

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The following week on Home and Away in the UK, Rose pushes Mali away while Gabe and baby Izzy both experience health concerns. Will Gabe soon be fighting for his life?

After a rocky start as a parent, Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) much-anticipated maternal instincts show up in full force the next week as baby Isabella may be experiencing a medical emergency.

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has been worried for his partner as she has failed to adjust to being a new mother, and her inability to settle Izzy has led her to think that the baby despises her.

While Dean’s mother Karen (Georgia Adamson) originally helped the two get through the early going, she eventually left after seeing Ziggy needed to quickly get along with Izzy.

After taking a break and accidentally starting a bay-wide hunt for her while dozing off in a car in the garage, Ziggy was reassured by Irene (Lynne McGranger) that things will work themselves out in due course.

The parents are cramming a car for a trip into town the next week, desperately attempting to remember everything. It takes them a while to recognise that Izzy is still sitting in her car seat on the dining room table when they eventually exit the house.

“We’re bad parents,” she said. As they rush back inside, Ziggy yells.

Ziggy worries that Izzy is uneasy and feels a little too warm as the family arrives at the coffee cart on the beach. John (Shane Withington) believes that it might just be the warm weather, but Marilyn (Emily Symons) advises Ziggy to follow her gut.

When Izzy causes another explosion in her nappy while talking about guts, Ziggy’s worry only grows. The couple arrives back at their house and calls the midwife, who advises them to visit the hospital if they are concerned.

Are we concerned? Dean queries whether they are merely being paranoid.

The three leave for Northern Districts Hospital as soon as Ziggy says they are, only to be given some paracetamol to take home.

Dean seems a little more at ease, but Ziggy isn’t happy since she senses there’s still something wrong.

Izzy’s temperature continues to rise later that evening, and Ziggy insists they go back to the hospital, where Bree (Juliet Godwin), who is now on duty, is waiting for them.

When Bree tells Ziggy that she made the correct decision by bringing Izzy back because she is running a temperature, Ziggy’s sense is immediately confirmed.

Izzy is detained overnight as blood tests are conducted, and Bree warns the frightened parents that in the worst case, doctors may need to perform a lumbar puncture to rule out meningitis.

Fortunately, some Ibuprofen seems to help, and as Izzy’s temperature returns to normal, Bree informs them that the blood tests have come back clear and it was probably just a small case of gastro.

Bree assures Ziggy that it happens frequently and that she may have acquired it anywhere. But after doing some research when she gets home, Ziggy decides it’s time for a thorough cleaning because she doesn’t want to put Izzy at risk of becoming sick again.

Bree ends up caring for another patient in the shape of Gabe (Akos Armont), the boyfriend of Mackenzie (Emily Weir), who is injured by a surfboard while swimming in the ocean.

Bree questions Gabe about his medical history when he is brought into the emergency room by off-duty paramedic Xander (Luke Van Os), who thinks Gabe might have a slight concussion after experiencing a dizzy spell in Salt.

Unbeknownst to Mac, Gabe explains that a year ago he was receiving non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma treatment.

Bree arranges a CT scan because she wants to be extra cautious, which instantly raises red flags for Gabe. He had hoped that period of his life was behind him.

Bree tries to soothe him, but when she later has to tell Gabe that one of his blood tests had aberrant results, it seems there may be cause for concern.

Gabe continues to freak out, certain that his cancer has returned, while Bree tries to arrange for a second PET scan for him.

Is Gabe about to engage in another life-or-death struggle after only recently getting back together with his ex-fiancee Mac?

The news that Mali (Kyle Shilling) accepted Dean’s offer of a permanent position at the board shop makes Rose (Kirsty Marillier) happy to be in the harbour.

Mali says to Rose that she was on his list of reasons to stay put, adding that he had evidently discussed it with his family back in Mantaray Point, a few hours up the coast. Mali is willing to give it at least a month’s trial.

The two agree to meet up later for a date in Salt, and when they return to the campground, Rose advises them to get inside Mali’s van right away.

But when tensions between the two soon rise, Rose starts to freak out.

She draws away from Mali and says, “I’m sorry. I’m not able to do this.

Mali is left wondering what went wrong as Rose leaves quickly, not comprehending that it was all due to Rose’s recent involvement with the bikie Tex. (Lucas Linehan).

She is primarily concerned with not being wounded again, Kirsty told Australian magazine TV Week. Rose’s anxiety is brought on by her sadness over Tex, who cruelly used her. She needs a someone she can rely on entirely.

Will Rose give Mali a chance to prove that he is that man? Or will Rose’s previous past end the relationship before it even gets off the ground?

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