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Home and Away Spoilers – Felicity banned from the road

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Felicity finds herself on the wrong side of the law, while Ava’s crush on Theo creates a rift between her and Justin.

Next week, Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) reaches her lowest point when the extent of her alcoholism is shamefully revealed.

Following the discovery of her alcohol cache in the Parata home, Flick dumped her fiancé Tane (Ethan Browne) and relocated into a trailer over the last week.

Flick threw her engagement ring at Tane in the middle of the campground, signaling that they were through and that she was handling the effects of the automobile crash in whatever way she saw fit.

The next week, Flick is already in tears at the campground when she gets a text message from an irate Tane asking her to come get her possessions.

This only makes her more anxious, so when Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) later appears, she jumps to the conclusion that he has been sent to check on her.

Flick storms inside, slams the door in Cash’s face, and angrily requests that he search her van for alcohol before instructing him to leave her alone.

Flick is upset because Tane anticipates her to run after snapping his fingers, and he vents his resentment to best friend Eden (Stephanie Panozzo). Flick finally reveals to Eden, after some prodding, that she isn’t ready for their relationship to end, but she is unable to tell Tane.

Later, when Tane enters Salt, Flick tells him that she will pick up her belongings when she is ready and then declares that he is no longer permitted to be there.

Tane departs, but he makes it obvious that he needs her belongings removed from his home immediately. With Eden’s help, Flick can use Lyrik’s van.

The following morning, when Flick gets ready to gather her belongings, she fills a hip flask with vodka and drinks straight from the container.

After picking up her possessions without incident from the Parata house, Flick drives the van back. She and Eden then proceed onto the top road that runs down the beach, where they come upon Cash and Rose (Kirsty Marillier) conducting roadside breathalyzer tests.

Knowing that she has alcohol in her system, Flick panics and stops the van.

Is that a problem…?” a confused Eden asks, pointing towards the police stop up ahead.

Flick quickly turns the van around and speeds off, but a disappointed Cash has already seen everything and has a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

An anxious Flick is forced to pull over while Cash is forced to get into the cop car with Rose and start pursuing.

Flick can only shrug in answer when Eden inquires about Flick’s morning drinking habits.

Cash has no option but to hop into the cop car with Rose to give chase, and a nervous Flick is forced to pull over.

As Eden asks Flick whether she’s been drinking this morning, Flick can only shrug in response.

As Cash questions Flick about why she avoided them, Eden tries to defend her buddy by claiming that she left her wallet at home.

Rose says that Flick will have to take a breathalyzer test and adds that there is no special treatment, but Cash isn’t buying it.

Flick protests but eventually concedes to provide the sample, which comes back positive.

Rose reminds Cash that it is slightly over the limit, but they both understand that it makes no difference. They are forced to take Flick’s driving privileges off the road for three months and penalize her.

Cash tells Flick to get into the back of the police car so he can take her back to the campground because he is furious about the risk his sister has put herself and others in.

Cash realizes that although Flick may not have been intoxicated, the fact that she had consumed alcohol so early in the day indicates that she urgently needs assistance.

In other parts of Summer Bay, people are starting to notice Ava’s (Annabel Wolfe) hidden crush on Theo (Matt Evans).

Viewers recently discovered that 16-year-old Ava is actually Theo’s devoted internet follower who goes by the handle I3Theo, and it is obvious that she has a hidden agenda when visiting her father Justin (James Stewart) in the harbor.

This week, returning home to an empty house irritates Justin. He had thought that Ava would be working on her project as she had promised; he can see that it is open on the laptop but hasn’t been started.

While hanging out with Theo at the diner, Ava had far more interesting things on her mind. Irene (Lynne McGranger) observes that Ava obviously has feelings for Theo, and Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Marilyn can’t get over how grown-up Ava appears today (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome will do that to a girl).

After overhearing their chat, Kirby (Angelina Thomson) cannot help but concur. She has known it from the beginning, but she is hoping it’s just a simple teenage crush.

Ava, who was about to leave on a break, gets Theo to accompany her when Justin texts her to return home in the hopes that he will be gentle with her, much to Kirby’s chagrin.

Back at the house, Justin chastises Ava for not responding to his messages and for not completing the task she had promised before realizing that he is looking at the incorrect assignment. The document she was working on is already printed out!

Ava storms inside her room as Justin argues that it is irrelevant and that she should have stayed at home anyhow. Justin turns to Theo for assistance, but Theo recognizes Ava’s perspective and tells Justin not to be so harsh with her.

Later, Ava works while keeping an eye on Theo and Kirby; as soon as Justin leaves, she joins the two of them.

Ava informs Theo that the fans adore him as they discuss the band’s social events. Kirby uses the occasion to delicately bring out that sometimes the lines might become blurry because some fans are simply living in a dream world with their crushes. When Ava responds that no one asked Kirby for her opinion, things take a slight turn.

Ava soon rushes over to sit close to Theo as Kirby excuses herself, and she is delighted when he asks her to assist him in choosing a picture for the social media.

When Kirby later suggests to Theo that they put Ava straight, Theo worries that it would embarrass her… after all, Ava is “just a kid“.

Little do they realise however that Ava is listening to every word, and is determined to prove Theo wrong…

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