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Home and Away Spoilers Colby’s & Leah struggle

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The mystery of the disappearance of Leah Patterson (Ada Nicodemou) came to an end last week when a deranged man named Douglas Maynard (Adam Booth) found her prisoner to wait for him in a manner that was almost' Stepford wife.'​

With the police unable to do anything more after a telephone call from Leah, where she obviously confirmed that she was free, Justin (James Stewart) was forced to take matters into his own hands— assisted by Colby (Tim Franklin) who let Justin know the address of Douglas having looked into him as a curious matter. As Douglas was about to force her into marriage, making her escape, Leah fled through the bush and luckily came across Justin as she fled out onto the lane. Later, Douglas ' house was raided by Colby and fellow police, where Douglas leapt out of a cupboard and stabbed Colby in the leg before being restrained.

Colby was rushed to the hospital in pain and it becomes apparent this week that Colby's condition is developing into something much more serious.

Colby suspects from off that something is wrong, and she is shocked by sister Bella (Courtney Miller) as she watches Colby writing in agony. Among his outbursts, he insists that Bella be removed from the house.

 Soon afterward, Alex (Zoe Ventoura) reveals that Colby is suffering from acute compartment syndrome, a very severe condition in which bleeding or swelling within a muscle may increase the pressure to the point where blood flow is diminished.

Home and Away actress Emily Weir sizzles in a white bikini

SPOILER ALERT: The friction between John and Marilyn on Home and Away is escalating-will they break for good?​

There has been a complication to Colby’s injury,” Tim explained to New Idea magazine. “Internal bleeding has begun, and pressure is building up. It’s apparently one of the most painful things that can happen to someone, so expect a lot of screaming!

Unless the pain is immediately removed by emergency surgery, the damage could be permanent and the tissue will die entirely, with Alex suggesting that there is a chance that Colby will lose his leg to his loved ones.

Rushing to the hospital when she learns the injuries of her ex-, Mackenzie (Emily Weir) finds herself staying there the entire night when she discovers that her feelings for Colby have not gone.

She subsequently confides to Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) that she can not bear to lose him and that she is determined to work out her feelings for him.

Mackenzie and Dean’s familial relationship has strengthened, and they are very good mates now,” Emily told New Idea. “Mackenzie has also formed a great friendship with Ziggy, and both Ziggy and Dean are worried Mackenzie will get hurt again.”​

Meanwhile, Leah's ordeal is far from over despite being out of danger now.

Leah returned to an almost catatonic state after leaving Douglas, as the trauma caught up with her after entering the hospital.

Although maintaining her distance from Justin, Leah appears distant this week and refuses to speak to anyone about what Douglas did to her, so much so that she declines to make a statement to the police.

As Irene (Lynne McGranger) joins them all for dinner, she and Justin are shocked when she sets the table to see Leah's behavior.

Obviously still behaving under the influence of Douglas, Leah is obsessed with making sure that all is perfect for Justin, and needs to wait until he finishes his meal before even eating his own food.

Asking Leah if he wants to take up his bed that night, Leah responds in an almost robotic way, "Whatever you think is best, sweetheart."

We really see Leah in a completely different light now,” Ada told New Idea. “Her ordeal may well have changed her forever.

Later that evening, when Justin comes in and surprises her, Leah gets a glass of water in the kitchen which causes Leah to drop the glass on the floor. Leah races out of the back door in utter terror.

This is very challenging for Justin too, and for his relationship with Leah,” Ada added. “We’ll have to watch and see whether they can move forward.




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