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Find out what happens on Home and Away in next week (April 4 to 8)

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The Parata family will be dealing with some devastating news next week on Home and Away.

A turning moment in the Stewart family rivalry occurs, as Logan’s storey with Neve reaches a conclusion.

Here’s a complete list of the nine major events coming up.

1. Jasmine asks Cash’s feedback

Jasmine is upset because she asked Cash to move in with her and he turned her down flat. Irene encourages Jasmine to confront Cash about his odd behaviour.

When confronted, Cash claims that if he wasn’t there for Felicity when she needed him, he’d be abandoning her. When Felicity learns about this, she accuses Cash of using her as a pretext to avoid living with Jasmine.

2. Logan asks Neve’s assistance

Neve ultimately admits to Logan that she needs therapy for her PTSD. Logan is proud of Neve for making this important decision, and he consults with a military psychologist buddy about the matter.

Logan tells Neve that she can obtain the therapy she needs for her condition, but she’ll have to serve at least seven years in prison for deserting the army.

This irritates Neve, who is irritated that Logan addressed her predicament with a stranger.

3. Neve takes control of the situation

Neve refuses to surrender and challenges Logan to report her if he so desires. Mac tries to persuade Neve by pointing out that if she forces Logan to do this, he will punish himself indefinitely.

Neve is alerted by Mac’s warning and boldly surrenders to the authorities. As the military police approach to take Neve away, Logan and Mac offer their support.

4. Theo admits to being abused

When Theo discovers that his community service documents were sent to his parents’ home, he becomes concerned. John detects Theo’s fear of someone and is eager to learn more.

Theo explains that as a child, he was abused by his father Dimitri, who was abusive towards him. Theo doesn’t want his father to find out about his recent legal troubles because he knows how irritable he is.

John encourages Theo to report Dimitri’s inappropriate behaviour to the police, but he refuses.

5. Ryder receives some unexpected news

Ryder holds a vengeance against Alf and refuses to return to his hometown. When Theo tells that Alf has already apologised and settled the feud with him and Justin, he is taken aback.

Theo wants Ryder to move on and forgive Alf in the same way that he has, but Ryder isn’t ready yet.

6. Ari is taken to the hospital

Mia is still planning her wedding to Ari, which will have to be held within the prison. Chloe is irritated by this, believing Mia is being callous by continuing with the ceremony.

Mia is later interrupted in her tracks by a phone call from the prison informing her that Ari has been rushed to the hospital.

7. Ari’s diagnosis is disclosed

At the hospital, Logan diagnoses Ari with appendicitis and orders that he be transported for surgery. Logan, on the other hand, returns from surgery later and informs Ari’s family that the situation is significantly more serious.

Ari has appendix cancer and tumours in his belly, according to Logan. Because his illness is terminal, the only choice is to undergo a risky surgery to remove all of the tumours.

The tumours would reappear, thus this would not be a long-term cure. Ari’s family is left to deal with the devastating news.

8. Brett makes his way back to the Bay

Brett, Karen’s on-again, off-again partner, returns to the Bay in the hopes of making right with her. Karen tells Dean how much she loves Brett but is afraid of getting wounded by another man.

Dean tells Karen not to let fear prevent her from experiencing love, and he is relieved when she ultimately listens to him. Karen then invites Brett to join her for a chat.

9. Ryder and Alf reach an agreement

Ryder is confronted by Alf and Roo at his caravan, and they also follow him to work. When Ryder takes a break at Salt, Alf apologises profusely for treating him as a child.

Ryder is moved by Alf’s sincere comments and accepts his apology, bringing the Stewart family conflict to a close.

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