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Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ real reason Marshall didn’t kiss Arthur Thomas after admission

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After watching Tuesday’s Emmerdale episode, many are certain Marshall Hamston is concealing a significant aspect of himself.

On Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale, Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) surprised Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke) by saying he wanted to go on a date with him. Marshall humiliated Arthur in front of his peers earlier this month, leaving him inconsolable, although the latter has since expressed regret for his heinous deeds. Before Marshall left, the two was about to kiss, leaving Arthur perplexed.

In the episode, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) was incensed to find out that Arthur’s assembly on LGBTQ+ history had been postponed because a parent had voiced her concerns.

In a later scene of the show, Arthur confronted the businessman because he believed his stepdad Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) was responsible for the complaint.

The month after coming out to his mother, Arthur yelled at Jai and Laurel, saying, “They must think being homosexual is terrible – that I am wrong.”

Or they didn’t want to stir up the hornets’ nest because they might have a gay child that they were trying to protect, Jay chimed in.

“Was it you, or what?” Edward said. You contacted the school,

Jai said that she did not get in touch with the school to cancel the assembly, but Arthur remained skeptical.

Marshall approached Arthur afterwards and apologized to him for kissing him recently on a dare.

Marshall remarked that he didn’t believe the dare would be accepted, but an angry Arthur responded, “You set me up.”

Marshall said that he was inebriated and had no idea that other young boys would be observing them kiss.

He then assured Arthur that he meant everything he had said to be kind to him while drunk.

Marshall attempted to take Arthur’s hand and go in for a kiss when he recommended that they get to know one another better.

However, the moment was broken when Marshall’s phone rang, and he hurriedly fled while muttering, “I shouldn’t be here.”

When Marshall’s father called, astute followers realized it was him, and they posted their theories on Twitter.

When his dad called Marshall while he was with Arthur, Owen wrote: “Guessing by Marshall’s reaction, I suppose it was his dad is homophobic and is the one who phoned the school, not Jai? #Emmerdale.”

Says Matthew Chapman “After the episode’s last scene, a new notion emerged: was Marshall’s father the one who stopped Arthur’s assembly? In any case, it’s just him and Jai!”

Chris P also said “#Emmerdale I believe Arthur owes Jai an apology, and Marshall’s father was the one who called the school.”

“Arthur and Marshall are very sweet #emmerdale,” wrote Eva.

Added Stephen Patterson “The Arthur narrative in #Emmerdale is brilliant. One of the soap’s finest moments.”

A well-directed sequence starring Arthur and Marshall from Emmerdale, according to Jamie.

Could Marshall be pushing Arthur away because he is too afraid to come out to his father about his sexuality?

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