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Coronation Street ‘most hated’ character teases return for Chesney Brown’s wedding

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Wendi Peters, a former cast member of Coronation Street, has made suggestions that her character Cilla Battersby might visit the cobbles again to attend her on-screen son’s wedding.
After three years as Cilla Battersby-Brown, Wendi Peters left Coronation Street in 2007, leaving her son Chesney (Sam Aston), then 13 years old, to fend for himself. She did, however, briefly resurface in 2014 in an effort to “reconnect” with her family.

Now that Chesney is getting married to his fiancée Gemma, the actor has hinted that the foul-mouthed “mam” may be asked to attend. Chesney is a father of five (Dolly-Rose Campbell).

Peters joked, “I heard Chesney’s getting married, but I don’t think anyone’s told his mother.”

Cilla had a difficult relationship with her son Chesney and frequently left him, raising the question of whether he would even want her to be present on his special day when she first appeared on screen and subsequently landed her “meal ticket” at No. 5 Les Battersby’s door.

Peters, who is currently starring in the BBC drama Doctors, hinted that any sequel to the wedding would be drama-driven.

Peters thinks Cilla might run afoul of strong personalities. Evelyn Plummer by Maureen Lipman and Bernie Winter by Jane Hazlegrove.

Who knows, but I can picture them having some hilarious comedy scenes around the wedding buffet. Adding to Digital Spy, she

As all soap opera fans know, there can never be a wedding without drama, so Cilla’s arrival may be just what the lovable Chesney needs to stir up some trouble.

There was no love lost between the raucous redhead and many of her neighbors during her time on the street because she continually enraged them with her long list of scams.

But what really infuriated viewers was her careless treatment of Chesney and his sister Fiz (Jennie McAlpine), who was placed in foster care by Roy Cropper (David Nielsen) and his late wife Hayley.

Additionally, Cilla wasn’t popular with Wetherfield drama viewers, who once voted her the most despised character in the show, surpassing even Albert Square rapist Trevor Morgan and Corrie serial killer Richard Hillman.

She was once called “pure evil” for threatening to have Chesney, who was nine years old at the time, taken into care if he didn’t “keep his mouth shut” about her affair with Uncle Ronnie.

Other cruel Cilla misdeeds include leaving his daughter Fiz behind and using her credit card excessively to rack up a £250 debt.

In her first storyline, Cilla falsely accused Rita Sullivan of hitting her son, but the evidence against her was insufficient, and the case was dismissed, earning the mother-of-two the reputation of a “liar” among her new neighbors.
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However, Peters acknowledges that in real life, her portrayal—in particular, her cruel treatment of Chesney—played on her mind.

I feel so bad when I treat Chesney badly, she admitted at the time. I hit him in a scene, and he later said, “That hurt me.” I was miserable.

Peter’s most recent role, in which he plays Dr. Nina, may prove to be more endearing than Cilla’s.

She said, in reference to the roles, “Cilla made a big impact and I’m glad she gets a mention every so often, but I’m happy where I am.”

She also thought Dr. Nina’s conservative fashion choices were a welcome change from Cilla’s outrageous attire.

She admitted, “I looked a sight, but she was meant to in those fishnets, short skirts, and that coconut bikini, but Nina’s wardrobe is so much nicer than Cilla’s.”

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