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Ada Nicodemou, star of Home and Away, astounded everyone with her makeover.

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Ada Nicodemou, a star of Home and Away, has shown fans what she looks like both before and after getting her makeup done on location.

The well-known actress joked with the hashtag #techsavvy, “Of course I screwed up the effect,” in her Instagram video, where she didn’t quite get the transition moment right.

Ada is shown in the “before” photo without any makeup, with her long brown hair hanging loosely to one side.

Home&Away is available for free streaming on 7plus and on Channel 7.

In the “after” picture, she has changed into her persona Leah Patterson, sporting Lea’s blow-dried, middle-parted hairstyle and a full face of makeup.

Fans praised the Logie nominee’s courage to post photos of herself without makeup on social media.

Everyone seemed to agree that she always looked “stunning” whether she was wearing cosmetics or not.

One of your followers said, “You look fabulous as always Ada!”

Another admirer chimed in, “Better than ever!”

Always stunning both inside and out. For many years, I’ve been a big admirer of Home and Away,” remarked a third.

Ada was “radiating good vibes” throughout the video, according to one fan.

Another just said, “You are beautiful!”

One commenter questioned, “Are you wearing make-up in the first shot?”

“If not, makeup is not necessary. Beauty found in nature.

Ada recently delighted fans with an emotional homage to her son Jonah, referring to him as “my light and my heart”.

To commemorate his birthday, the actress posted a collection of images and videos from their family’s trip to Europe.

Pictures of the family included shots of them at the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and eating pizza and pasta.

Despite being nominated, the actress was unable to attend this year’s TV WEEK Logie Awards due to a family vacation.

Hello, how are you all? I’m excellent. In an Instagram video explaining her absence, she stated, “Well, not that good because I’ve got some awful news.

I’m going to miss the Logies this year, which is unfortunate for me because I adore the Logies.

“Especially this year, as I’ve been nominated as well.

I’m on a family vacation, so I’m sorry I can’t be there. However, I want to thank you for voting for me and for everyone else.

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