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12 huge Home and Away spoilers for next week big moments coming up.

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What’s next for Summer Bay?

Next week on Home and Away, an upsetting situation with a customer gives Mackenzie food for thought.

Elsewhere, Nikau reflects on the loss of a loved one, while Kirby is rocked as Bob returns to the Bay.

Here’s a full collection of 12 big moments coming up.

1. There’s high drama on Xander’s date

A medical emergency interrupts Xander and newbie Stacey’s dinner at Salt, ruining their flirtation. When one of Salt’s clients passes out, Xander immediately switches into paramedic mode, treating the patient and transporting him to the hospital.

Even though Stacey is moved by Xander’s selfless deeds, she leaves the hospital before learning more about what happens next. Stacey reassures Xander that she is open to a second date, despite his fears that he has lost his shot with her.

Mackenzie is rocked by some sad death news

As Xander takes charge of the situation, Mackenzie struggles with her customer’s medical emergency while remaining still. She afterwards regretted not offering more assistance.

Mac immediately commits to taking first aid training after learning that the man is in a coma so that she will be more equipped going forward.

Later, Mac learns that the man has unfortunately passed away. She reaffirms her commitment to her ideas and makes a promise to train the rest of her staff as well. Mac’s struggles are evident to Nikau, who counsels her to stop blaming herself.

Nikau vows to do Ari proud

When Tane asks Nikau to be the best man at the impending wedding, Nikau is thrilled. By beginning to arrange things for his uncle, he immediately has an influence.

Tane expresses anxiety over Nikau’s overly enthusiastic approach to his new responsibilities by saying that the only things he anticipates from his nephew are a stag party and a speech at the reception.

Nikau still wants to go farther since he knows Tane and Felicity will benefit greatly from any assistance with planning their special day.

Later, Nikau expresses his serious attitude toward the situation by mentioning that Ari would have served as the best man if he had lived. Nikau is aware of this and wishes to uphold Ari’s high standards in order to make him proud.

Felicity is questioned over her wedding guest list

Cash is disappointed because Gary, their foster father, was not invited to the wedding by Felicity. He explains to John his sister’s justification, citing how Felicity’s loss of her parents hindered her from developing a connection with Gary when they were younger.

Cash bravely tries to argue that Gary ought to attend the wedding, but Felicity has other ideas and makes it apparent that he won’t be.

 Kirby is shocked as Bob returns

After conducting an interview for Lyrik’s radio debut, Kirby and Theo rejoice, but their joy is short-lived when Bob, the band’s former lead vocalist, arrives in the Bay.

In front of Theo, Bob brazenly tries to win over Kirby. Theo agrees to give them some space, but when Bob says he regrets leaving her and now wants her back, Kirby is surprised.

Bob refuses to accept Kirby’s decision

Bob and Kirby are clearly doomed from the moment Kirby walks out on them. Unfazed, Bob approaches Felicity and requests a room at the Parata residence for the night.

Later, Kirby promises Theo that she wants to be with him and that he shouldn’t worry about Bob. When Bob sees their touching moment, his jealousy flares up.

When Theo accepts Bob’s invitation to a game of pool, Bob uses the occasion to irritate him by accusing Kirby of having a habit of rebound relationships whenever they break up. The conceited musician asserts that Kirby always returns to him in the end.

Ziggy agrees to speak with Justin

Given that Ziggy is pregnant, Justin urges her to accept a reduced workload at the garage. Ziggy has a negative reaction to this and doesn’t want to be treated any differently.

Dean, Ziggy’s partner, cautions her not to become fatigued merely for the sake of her pride as she begins to overwork herself in an effort to prove something to Justin. Finally, Ziggy consents to speak with Justin about the next steps in a practical manner.

Dean tells Justin the truth

Ziggy’s subsequent chat with Justin doesn’t go well since she keeps denying the truth about why she recently failed to open the garage. When Justin admits that her behavior would have been punished if she hadn’t been pregnant, Ziggy becomes outraged.

Dean ultimately makes the decision to step in, telling Justin in private that Ziggy wasn’t at the garage that day because she was in the hospital after having a baby scare. Justin apologizes to Ziggy and feels bad for not being more forgiving.

Remi tries to support Bree

Remi is glad that Bree asked for his advice on how to leave her controlling husband Jacob. Bree is aware that she needs to find a solution before Jacob returns, even if he had to go because of job commitments for the upcoming three months.

Bree claims that she is not prepared, despite Remi’s suggestion that she report Jacob’s abuse to the police. Bree becomes upset when she learns that Remi might have already tried to start things off without getting her permission when Cash stops over and interrupts the talk.

Eden intervenes between Bree and Remi

After learning about Jacob’s maltreatment recently, Eden is likewise eager to stand behind Bree. Bree is told by her that it is unfair to ask Remi for assistance only to push him away right away.

Bree and Remi make up, but Eden now worries that the two friends are growing too close for safety as a result of their cozy chat.

 Marilyn tries to get Roo back to work

Marilyn advises Roo to pick up her tutoring responsibilities again now that their conflicts with Heather are ended. Roo dismisses this and makes a promise to quit her work after grossly misjudging Heather’s personality.

Marilyn swears to return Heather to work since she is adamant that her reign of terror shouldn’t spoil things for Roo. Marilyn also offers that they collaborate on a charitable endeavor after eventually persuading Roo to go along with it.

John and Marilyn talk about Heather

In response to the recent Heather turmoil, John reaches out to Marilyn to offer his support. Marilyn worries that John won’t comprehend her choice to remain silent about Heather during their recent marriage.

Fortunately, John doesn’t have a grudge towards Marilyn and simply treats her nicely. Marilyn returns the favor by expressing her gratitude to John for supporting her while everyone else was skeptic about her due to Heather’s deception.

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