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Monday, December 5, 2022

    11 huge EastEnders spoilers for next week

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    1. Jay proposes to Lola

      The first of the EastEnder's ideas arriving next week comes from Jay, who is eager to show his devotion to girlfriend Lola.

    Jay gets a much-needed boost of confidence from Billy after letting Lola's daughter Lexi in on his dreams and intends to bring up the question over lunch. But what's going to say a gobsmacked Lola?

    2. Rainie's past comes back to haunt her

     When a former' consumer' appears at Coker's, where her husband Stuart Highway currently works, Rainie has a tough week in store.

    Rainie later has a tense run-in with Linda Carter whose harsh words hit a nerve to make matters worse. Feeling down, Rainie reveals her history to Stuart but he is eager to cheer her up. How? How? You're ready to find out…

    3. Stuart decides to propose

    In Walford, there must be something in the wind so Stuart will expect to bring up the issue next week as well.

    Yeah. Stuart believes that proposing to Rainie is the ideal way to cheer her up after being encouraged by Jay’s own marriage hopes but will she say yes?​

    4. Mitch grows suspicious of Gray

     Next week, Mitch may eventually become wary of his son-in-law Gray–but for all the wrong reasons.

    That's because Mitch is convinced that Gray has adultery–and even takes it upon himself to probe the actions of the prosecutor.

    ADVERTISEMENT-CONTINUE READING BELOW In fact, when Mitch unintentionally learns this, Gray was fired from his job at the law firm and is mortified. And it's Chantelle, as always, that carries his anger's brunt.

    5. Gray lashes out at Chantelle again

     Seething from his experience with Mitch, Gray blasts at Chantelle as he comes home–mistakenly believing she told her father that he had lost his job.

    It's not until Gray returns to The Vic later that he knows what really happened, but alas, it's too late as he's already hit out again at Chantelle.

    6. Jean confronts Suki over her lies

      Upcoming episodes will see Jean growing increasingly wary of her new neighbor Suki –reasonably persuaded she's not telling her disease the full truth. Yet Jean has more or less cracked the case by the time he returns next week.

    After once again tripping Suki up over her fibs, Jean challenges her openly in The Vic, getting, in the end, a retaliation from Kheerat, Jags, Vinny and Ash.

    But although Suki's children immediately rush to their aid, it becomes obvious later that they are not completely convinced either.

    7. Linda is left devastated over Mick

    While Linda continues to take steps to address her alcohol dependency, she is about to understand that some very big mountains still have to scale.

    Given Linda's success, Mick often worries about Linda–particularly when Tina notes that her stashed alcohol has been cleaned out by his aunt.

    Suspicious, Mick wants to figure it out–leaving Linda distraught that he still has no trust in her.

    8. Tiffany is feeling left out

    Next week, as her new husband Keegan puts all its time and energy into his company withIqra, Tiffany will be left out in the cold.

    9. Denise reaches out to Isaac

     The episodes next week will have Isaac gaining a surprising friend in Denise, who discovers the tragic explanation behind his late violent behavior.

    After Sheree berates Isaac for Patrick's diagnosis, Denise is surprised to learn that it was the anniversary of the death of Isaac's father and offers her help.

    Taking things a stage better, Denise even persuades Jack to set up more cocktails and help make amends with Patrick and Isaac.

    10. Linda finds support in an unlikely place

    Mick is proud of Linda for heading to another AA meeting but in an unlikely place, she’s about to gain even more help.

    As Stuart sees Linda out of her AA meeting, he has concerns and is doing his best to support her. Does it work?

    11. Chantelle accepts a job from Kheerat

     Chantelle experiences yet another setback under financial pressure after Gray's sacking as Denise reveals that she is no longer needed at the full-time salon.

    While Chantelle initially refuses Kheerat's job offer, she has a change of heart later and takes him on it. How will Gray react?

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